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A Selfless Tribute: Birthday 2022

It's your supreme Goddess' birthday month which means it's the ultimate time to worship me. Here's how:

♥ Scroll through my videos here. Find one that you like and add it to your cart!
♥ Top it off by adding this truly selfless tribute to your cart for my birthday!
♥ Check out and then have an amazing orgasm to worshipping me via whichever amazing fantasy you will be enjoying while doing so!

Come back to get more videos throughout June and continue worship my divine existence through my amazing content! Celebrate having me as your Goddess as you know how much I'd LOVE for you to be my shrunken man for real! Plus, the more videos of mine that you own the better chance I will give you at surviving once I finally come and shrink you down and have you as mine! ;)

Xox, Giantess Katelyn


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
x minutes
selfless, tribute, gift, birthday, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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