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Conditioned for Consumption

Ever since becoming one of Katelyn's shrunken slaves, the only nourishment she has allowed you to consume is the saliva dripping down directly from her sexy mouth. You're helplessly aroused to serving her. It's your life's purpose. Even if it means surviving off nothing but her hot sweet nectar dripping down onto your face directly from the source.

A nice thick stream of warm bubbly saliva slides down her tongue onto your face as she strokes your dick in between her fingertips. The contact of it all feels like heaven. You want to cum to it, and thankfully after some more feeding and play, she commands you to cum!

She sucks your dick and swallows your cum and then sucks on your entire head in anticipation of what she's going to do next. She unties you and brings you to the couch. "If you think you've survived a lot then you really have another thing coming. Look at where you'll be going" You look into her wide open mouth.

Surviving off her spit was just the beginning of it. "Now you'll be swimming around inside of a much more potent pool of my divine digestion juices" her wet tongue laps around your body as she slops you up for the ultimate test of your survival. You slide deeper into the dark hole and hear her gulping you down.

You're one of her larger sized shrunken slaves, so it takes a few more gulps to get your entire body down. "As I press my hand down onto my belly I can feel you struggling within my stomach for your last moments of air before my stomach acids continue to dissolve you on such an extreme that it takes your life." Even though your days of surviving are coming to an end, they really won't until you're fully absorbed into her becoming part of her past your demise. You will live on through her by becoming a mere cell on her beautiful body.

Features: doll with dick, handjob (with fingers), face licking, thick saliva strings dripping directly onto face, lens licking, deep mouth cam back to uvula, extended swallowing scene with gulping sounds, dialogue about feeling Eddy inside stomach until he's no longer moving. Name used is Eddy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:54 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken man, doll, dick, tied, mouth fetish, saliva strings, big lips, deep mouth cam, close up, tongue, licking, vore, pov, swallow, gulp, uvula, throat, belly rubbing, cleavage, spread legs, giantess fetish, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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