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Girlfriend Gone Mad

Background: Katelyn shrank you, her boyfriend, a couple of months ago and has since then been torturing you in various ways for the password to unlock the growth setting on a device that you developed. Knowing how dangerous it would be in her hands, you haven't given her the information that she has been torturing you for. However, you've become desperate for escape from the last place she stuck you. In her armpit for a month and a half.

(Video starts) She gets you out and asks if you're ready to talk or is she going to have to crush you and put you out of your misery? Her foot slams into the surface of the glass table with a BOOM. She has been looking forward to making your body go SPLAT, but since you're ready to give her the password that she needs then that's even better. It works and now you're spared from getting splattered! Now her true intentions with the device come to light. She's not only going to make her tits and ass bigger, but she is going to grow herself into a world dominating BITCH!

"Everyone on this pathetic fucking planet is going to be bowing down to my toes which will be towering over the tallest skyscraper!" Not only is this quite terrifying that the apocalypse is about to start in this way, but what's worse is that you've never seen her this excited about anything. You get a taste of what's to come for all as you feel the BOOMS of her bare feet stomping into the carpeted floor and soon CITIES WILL BE FALLING BENEATH HER FEET. She's been thinking about what she wants to do and why. "I'm tired of this shit, I'm tired of groundhog day every single fucking day- you know, wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, have lunch, blah blah blah. I'm going to go ahead and make everyone interested in life again. I'm going to make life fun again for everyone. They should all fucking thank me that it's no longer going to be groundhog day for any of them because now they're all going to do as I say. They're all going to live for one purpose which is to serve me and that's going to be completely unpredictable!" And she will eat them to further feed her power!

Your girlfriend has gone mad and there's nothing you can do about it. She accidentally drops you to the floor and asks if you'd rather get crushed underneath of her nicely pedicured feet right now so that you don't have to live through or witness any of this because nothing is going to change her mind. You once again get a taste of what's to come for all by seeing your girlfriend TOWER above you feeling the bass of her steps ripple through your body. You've been through various forms of torment over the past few months which makes you feel like you deserve to continue on with life. So you will be going into her sweet wet pussy, but just before doing so, she tells you that by the end of the day there could be an entire town in there after she makes herself grow and if you see a nice girl to hit her up because Katelyn will be far to busy for you anymore. With that said, into her pussy you go.

Features: booming footsteps during floor level pov (wear headphones with good bass to hear them), giantess voice sound effect during shrunken pov, all first person pov or third person view with NO PROPS/FIGURES USED, bright pink toenails, briefly talking about what I'm going to do as a Giantess, placed into pussy after full body crush/vore/giantess tease.

NOTE: A handful of my recent releases were large projects which led to long videos and therefore I've decided that since this stands well on its own to offer it separately. It's actually the last segment of "Shrunken and Tormented by Girlfriend for Growth Device Password" just FYI.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
booming footsteps, device, pov, gfe, bare soles, close up, pink panties, pink toenails, armpit, booty, floor view, open mouth, vore dialogue, crush tease, upskirt, spread pussy, pussy rubbing, Giantess dialogue, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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