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Cucked and Swallowed

This story picks up where "Marriage Takeover" left off. Years passed since your wife shrank you down due to your spiraling depression affecting the marriage. Fucking you at your new size was fun for weeks, but then she started craving intimacy from a same size partner. You were understanding and cool with watching her have fun with many fuckboys. However, now things are getting serious with someone and your jealousy has driven you to protesting by banging on the walls of your cage when he's around -- especially when they're fucking. Just now they're finishing off yet another sex session and you hear her say that she'll get rid of her annoying "pet" before he's back from work. He leaves.

She slips her panties back on right in front of your cage. Her hand reaches in and carefully gets you out. She oils up her tits and encourages you cum to them if you want to know how she's going to get rid of you. You can't resist her big bare boobs before you! After you cum she tells you that you two are going to be together forever. That she's going to swallow you whole and you're going to become part of her. It's a fitting end for you because you were her first husband and you hoped to be together forever. Before swallowing you she lets you cum again, this time to her ass. You can't resist her bubble butt and the amazing up close view you have looking up from below it! After that she shows you where you're going next, into her belly, and plays around with you inside of her mouth for a little while before ultimately swallowing you down.

After your arrival to your new home inside of her stomach she mentions how now the home you once shared will be enjoyed by her and her new man and how happy she is with the size of his cock. Sex with you was good too, but now she has even better. She tells you to hold on to her insides for as long as possible so that her body absorbs as much of yours as possible. She will be sending food down quite regularly for a while to dilute her stomach acids and give you the best chance in staying alive the longest in there. You get one last protest in by banging on her stomach walls. It gives her a tickling sensation which she hates. So you're quickly put in to your place when she threatens to have the loudest sex of her life tonight if you don't stop and as well as sending down carbonated beverages to make your life even more of a living hell. Then, off she goes to the kitchen to eat and text with her new man.

Features: brief intro with dildo sucking + fucking and pov sex with orgasm (1:50), cuckold fetish, masturbation encouragement to boobs before finding out you're getting swallowed whole, masturbation encouragement to bubble butt above you in thong, vore scene with deep mouth cam back to uvula and light saliva play, long scene talking to belly with you (my ex husband) inside of it and reacting to you within, being together forever through vore and becoming part of me


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
29:12 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
dildo sucking, dildo fucking, cuckold, pov, masturbation encouragement, oiled tits, below ass, close up, belly, under boobs, mouth, lip licking, saliva, vore, swallowed whole, alive inside stomach, ex, break up, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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