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A Witch's Tricks

A bunch of boys fell for a witch's abandoned house ruse landing them in her home and shrunken under her spell. When one comes to find the rest and the witch finds him, she picks him up from the floor and tells him to slow down - she will help him find all of his friends. Little does he know that it's a trick to help her find out where they're all hiding around her house. Despite previous calls not going through, the calls go now through! She gathers each one up- from under the couch, under a chair, and in the pantry, while also seducing them with her cleavage and sexy body.

Then she brings them to their first friend who went missing and they discover that he's tied to a chair (pov). That's when she reveals who she really is- a witch who swallows boys to increase her lifespan. Her body is extremely thorough in the process with keeping them inside of her for a long time with nothing going to waste. She gains one year for every boy that she swallows. Since it's been a while and she likes to keep ahead of herself, she swallows all of them starting with the one who helped her find all of his friends.

The next two get dropped down into her wide open mouth while the last one in her hand watches what's going to happen to him next. She shows him where they're all going -inside of her belly- and pops him in her mouth to swallow them all together. Their last slip and slide! They will all be reunited once again and finally inside of her stomach. She lets out a loud belch and the boy tied to the chair looks at her like a monster... but she's not done yet!

There's four more she had saved up inside of a little glass bottle! The one who's been around the longest gets special treatment. He's dreamed his final demise would lie within the valley of her amazing tits. She makes him cum in between her nice plump cleavage and swallows his load down along with him. His cum tasted so good the she sucks off the next while swallowing him down. The last two get tit crushed on her glass table and while the remains swallowed only adds half a year to her lifespan she doesn't care as it's worth all of the fun she's having. Plus there will be more after this bunch!

Now onto the last and final boy. You. Through her seduction you've been sitting there with a boner which she comes up and rubs her tits against. It's funny to her as you've witnessed all of this Vore, but you sit there with an uncontrollable boner. Only several sucks brings you to orgasm. That's the very moment you shrink as well! She has tricked you really bad... you wanted to go past first base before getting swallowed down, but if you had never cum then you would have been resistant to her magic with being a pure virgin. You are also worth a longer lifespan increase for her! The witch gulps you down with a big satisfying belch and heads off to set up her next trap.

Features: falling under a witch's spell / for her tricks / getting seduced, gathering up your shrunken friends who are hiding around the house, a LOT of vore (9 total), a LOT of cleavage/boob play (including in between boobs pov+props, under glass boob crush, cumming between them), last one (full sized) gets a boobjob and blowjob and cumming makes him (a virgin) shrink, every cell of all swallowed goes to increasing the witch's lifespan / nothing goes to waste.

Note: Connect to a fast wi-fi to download - this is a 1.51 GB file!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
43:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
deep cleavage, big boobs, boob play, boobjob, in between boobs, vore, mouth play, close up, pov, taking off shoes, sexy body, belly, under glass view, boob crush, shrunken men, tricked, virgin, blowjob, dildo, titjob, cum, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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