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Almost Ass Crushed by Mel

Katelyn reaches to the back of her thong to get out her shrunken boyfriend that she brought over to her twin's place to share for girl's night. However, when he's no where to be found she heads back out to retrace her steps. Her sister then feels something under her ass and to her surprise it's true. Katelyn does have a shrunken boyfriend!

Mel is very amused how he's toy sized and can't help but play around with him before she lets Katelyn know that he's there. Just like good old times when she'd take her toys and sometimes her boys! He admittedly likes the idea too. Since it's her first time with a tiny she tells him to let her know if she gets too rough. He gets exactly what he was after as Mel brings her bubble butt closer and closer... remembering how Katelyn mentioned her boyfriend's ass fetish and really giving him a show.

Then she shows him what SHE's into! She likes her feet pampered, kissed, worshipped. She likes letting bugs explore her sensitive bare soles just to end up crushing them. But even though he's bug sized, he's not hers to crush, so she ends it there before she gets too carried away.

But then HE gets carried away after she places him in between her soft butt cheeks. He slips under her thong straight to her booty hole, but this is going too far for her, as she's Katelyn's sister! When she squishes her butt cheeks together to crush him for his actions, he just goes deeper for "safety"... a pretty valid excuse!

Despite being a little horny herself, she gets him out from her asshole and tells him how fucked he is. She pins him beneath what he loves so much and let's Katelyn know he's there. It's highly doubtful that he's going to make it through the night because Mel's going to tell her all about how naughty he's been. This little disloyal perv deserves whatever's coming his way tho! One thing for sure is Mel's enjoying feeling him struggling for his life beneath her big booty in the meantime, only lifting up very briefly on occasion to keep him alive...

Features: Katelyn in wig to play her twin "Mel", Katelyn thinks you're lost while you get naughty with Mel, bubble butt in thong while teasing shrunken man, briefly under bare soles, asshole play, nearly crushed between butt cheeks, pinned under ass while Mel tries to hold back from going ahead and crushing you beneath what you love so much before Katelyn gets back, lots of angle changes.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:15 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
thong, booty, butt, asshole, bare soles, ass cheeks, butt crack, ass fetish, anal insertion, shrunken man, naughty, betrayal, cheating, tease, unfaithful, pervert, pov, girlfriend, boyfriend, twin sister, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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