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Babysitter Beth Plays With You

Beth opens up your box and peers in delighted at your diminutive size, you're so easy to look after it's easy money for your babysitter. Beth decides she wants to play with you, she's never had the opportunity to look after someone so tiny before. Your protests are ignored and Beth grabs you out and is greatly amused to remove her shoe and drop you in, amused at your reaction to the sweaty, smelly interior of her shoe. Things get worse as Beth socked foot comes in after you, before she gets the idea to put her bare foot in there with you.

You end up on the floor as Beth teases you with her size, power and bare feet for you to service and learn your place at the feet of your babysitter. However the teasing changes when she realizes you have a bulge in your pants over her feet. She tries to teach you a lesson, lifting you up and drooling on you to humiliate you so you learn your lesson, but she soon realizes that he's turned on by being degraded and humiliated by his babysitter. Things turn naughty and he ends up in Beth panties. She thinks she can hear his parents arrive home early and she pleads and begs him to stop and get out but she's powerless to stop him as his continued squirming brings her to a shuddering orgasm. Beth fishes him out, they're going to get caught... time for him to disappear.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
28:43 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennett, vore, babysitter, teen, POV, in box, feet, smelly feet, giantess fetish, inside panty pov, glasses, blonde, cleavage, pigtails, converse, giantess productions, masturbation

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