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The Vore Girlfriend of Your Wildest Fantasies

You'd like to break up with your shrunken girlfriend so we can start dating, but you haven't been able to bring yourself to do it because of your guilt over her being a tiny now. Worse, or maybe BETTER yet, you've come up with a breakup plan revolving around your Vore fetish. First step? Inviting me over...

You've gotten us all together for a threesome which has been amazing (at least for us) thus far and before round two I take her to the bathroom so us girls can "freshen up". You leave me all alone with your tiny girlfriend as part of your plan. And just as you thought... it doesn't go well for her in there.

She finds out about how Vore videos are why you keep her tucked away in your sock drawer in the evenings. You'd rather enjoy them over her. She hears it from me. How painful it is, but then she learns the finer details about the fetish by being the OBJECT of demonstration to NEAR COMPLETION. Barely thinking she will make it out alive at times. But oh, she will, as she is now part of MY PLAN too!

Before heading back out I tell her a story about my "first" swallow. The girl was my older bigger neighbor growing up and then one day she was bite sized and in my belly. But you really have to hear all of the finer details to see how amazingly chilling it is while imagining you're her size in the middle of my fingers and helplessly inside of my nice wet mouth during this super hot story. My mouth waters to send your girlfriend down, it becomes increasingly hard to save her, with so much vore foreplay aimed directly at the little bug sized girl in my grasp.

I also make it clear much I like you, how we hit it off well, and how I've been drooling over the fantasy of her being my next swallow. A day I'd only fantasized would come true, and now here we are, and soon everything will be the way it's supposed to be! Her little protests only make for an even more dangerous environment in my mouth while getting licked and enjoyed before the grand finally.

Before heading out of the bathroom I go deeper into the Vore fantasy- its outcome all too horrific for her to foresee with my glorious botty claps and the toilet in the same line of sight (for a minute). Humiliating her in that she'll be lucky to get squeezed out of such a glorious bubble butt, even if it's just her remains.

Then I bring my ass onto the counter in front of her so she can show it how "unfair" this is. A joking matter for me while knowing this little fruit fly sized girl could get smeared across its surface if I'm not careful. As that's not her final destination she ends up back into my mouth before heading out...

Now the night continues to round two with me telling you how much I enjoyed round one. However, your shrunken girlfriend on the other hand felt left out. She merely clung to my clit while we fucked, after all. So for round two I suggest giving you a blowjob while your girlfriend is inside of my mouth- how could she not feel involved then?! Plus, it's been a while since you've given your tiny girlfriend a load, and having her inside of my beautiful mouth makes it oh-so-wet and quite incredible.

I bring your cock into my mouth going very gently and sensually at first. Your girlfriend seems to be ok until I put her in the head of your cock which then goes deep into my mouth to the back of my throat... the moment she might slide down is when I quick tell you to cum in my mouth. Your girlfriend manages to get back onto my tongue only to be squirt on and gulped down with getting the last load from you.

Next we're chilling on the bed while I describe feeling your now ex girlfriend inside of my stomach. What's next? We're planning to go enjoy a dinner date out before fucking the whole night while your ex is still alive inside of my stomach...

Features: shrunken woman gets bullied via vore tease by Katelyn who plans to eat her and take her boyfriend, incredible closeups of lips and mouth inside and out, tons of sexy views throughout, just a little bit of booty and digestion talk with toilet in background, betrayal fantasy come true, sensual dildo blowjob with shrunken woman in between all of the hot action (she is SO small that you can barely see her) (this also touches on the Giant couple fetish a bit), inside mouth view of shrunken woman getting squirt on, gulped down with load, endoscopic views, in bed with Katelyn in sexy lingerie talking about your shrunken ex girlfriend inside her belly and flirting with you. This was a 5 page script with added improv and tons of dripping hot shots.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
36:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
micro, shrunken woman, endoscopic view, mouth, close up, pov, dildo, blowjob, swallowing cum, inside esophagus, swallowed whole, vore, giant couple, size difference, dominant, bully, betrayal, belly, girlfriend, booty, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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