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Ladies That Lunch

Your step-mom Charley and aunty Dani sit down for tea and cake in the time honored British tradition. You find yourself shrunk and the only possible way you're going to be seen by these giants is to climb up onto a cake in the hope that when you're brought up to eye level you might be spotted and rescued. As Charley leaves to get some more tea it's your aunty that scoops you up and decides to consume the cake you're perched on. You finally get your aunt's attention just as she's about to eat you. However things don't go to plan and instead of being rescued, your aunt takes the opportunity to explain just how much she doesn't like you. She's going to put you back down and pretend she didn't see you. When your step-mom returns Dani is going to give you to Charley and watch and enjoy as she witnesses you being eaten by your own step-mom unaware.

Your aunt's plan gets de-railed however when Charley also manages to spot him in time just before she fed herself her own step-son. Initially annoyed, Dani win's your step-mom round to her way of thinking, which is that you're a gross pervert. It's not long until you're being instructed to jerk your cock to the tits of two giant, annoyed women who then debate what to do with you and decide your new fate could be to be kept as a tiny foot bitch for two large, domineering women. However things soon change to a quicker, more permanent and deadly solution.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
22:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Charley Atwell, Danielle Maye, boobs, tits, tit worship, vore, giantess, POV, unaware, foot fetish, foot worship, big tits, JOI

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