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Settling a Busy Belly

Katelyn gets back to the lab burping a bunch just like last time she enjoyed an exquisite lunch at her favorite restaurant. A place that you haven't been to since only top members of society eat there and by invitation only. That makes you even more curious. Katelyn can tell you about it...

They serve shrunken men and shrunken woman there. Namely- lowlifes and losers who've been sized down to be served. That's how society and the country has improved over the last years. However, our digestive systems aren't meant for all of that action within, as she shows you. All of their squirming around creates a lot of gas while they're still alive. They also take a lot longer to digest compared to regular food or even bugs as she compares from eaten them before.

She doesn't mind feeling them inside of her stomach, in fact she likes it. However the gas is a nuisance which is why she's been developing a serum that works instantly to relieve gas so extreme to cause consistent uncontrollable burping - that of which you've been hearing. While no problem in her car or in front of you, it can be a bit embarrassing in public or around certain people. So she tests out her serum by taking a sip-- it works! The gas reduces to the tiniest littlest burp. One more sip and it's alleviated. She also doesn't feel them moving around anymore inside of her.

She is going to be even richer after this hits the market, but for now her first customers will be the ladies she likes to lunch with. They enjoy putting these lowlifes and losers in their place and this will surely be a big hit with the ladies! More testing needs to be done first though. Will it work taken before hand? She tells you to bring her a soda as she jots down tests to be done...

Features: a bunch of burping, vore story about eating reduced-in-size losers and lowlifes for lunch, belly exposure with simulated movement from within, undressing to bra and panties hot from being so full (from 9 to 15), viewer not identified


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:41 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping, vore story, belly, scientist, boss, powerful women, executrix, lab, facility, table, test tube, cleavage, black bra, leopard panties, business suit, katelyn brooks

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