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Dani Steals Charley's Lil Step Bro

Charley's little brother has had a condition all his life where he's the size of a bug. Caring and loving Charley keeps him safe and looks after him. When Dani comes for a sleep over though Charley can't help but show off her tiny brother when Dani doesn't believe she has a tiny little brother. Dani is absolutely fascinated and when left alone, she can't help but to open the box again and have another look at him. Poor him, this is no life for someone. Sure Charley looks after him but there's certain things that a sister just can't do for a brother, but Dani could.

He soon finds himself in Dani panties, pleasuring a girl many more times his size for the first time and he makes Dani cum. Dani panics when she hears Charley coming back up the stairs and decides to store him in her mouth to sneak him back into the box later. Dani get's confronted by Charley as to why she's not talking and wondering what Dani has in her mouth. Dani has a choice, she can open her mouth and release Charley's brother and admit to the naughty thing they were doing behind Charley's back. Or, in one swallow Dani can prove there's nothing in her mouth and not get caught. Although the price of not getting caught would be for Charley's brother to lose his life inside of Dani's stomach.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
18:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Charleys Atwell, Danielle Maye, tits, vore, giantess, POV, masturbation, handheld, box, friends, shrunken brother, duo, blonde, lingerie, moaning, orgasm, secret, swallowed

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