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Alive to Serve Goddess Katelyn's Immaculate Toenails

You recently signed over your life to become Katelyn's slave. She has kept you at your normal size until today. You thought the shrinking fantasy was all roleplay, but now she uses it to help train you. What helps save you from getting crushed is the fact that her nail tech kind of saved your ass. She did such a great job on Katelyn's new manicure and pedicure that it kept her happy as she Ubered home, while it should have been you who chauffeured her home as her slave. So now she shrinks you down to show you how real your new life really is.

First she makes you apologize to her immaculate toenails, bow to them, blow them kisses, and worship them. All while knowing at any given moment she could crush you like a bug if her heart so desired. She explains how she can shrink you down anytime, anywhere, no matter if you're with her or not. You can never escape this new reality. For example, possible punishment could be shrinking you for not arriving fast enough when she summons you and who knows where you would be and who you would be around... and how her magic works is, they would just think you're a bug and swat n squish or stomp and crush you.

The punishments don't end there. For example she could return you back to normal size while leaving your dick shrunken. But best of all, you are now one of many other slaves under her control. Those of which get returned to normal size to go to work in order to better serve her every wish.

When she returns you back to normal the first thing you do is check that your junk is ok. How amusing, to her, considering that she could just crush you, and you're concerned about that?! After making her laugh she puts a collar and leash around your neck and keeps you in for the night...

NOTE: Discounted bc I sound a bit stuffy (getting over a cold) and also depending on your audio you may be able to hear the camera focusing at times in this one.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:41 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
femdom, findom, shrinking, toenail slave, all pov, foot fetish, full size slave, shrunken slave, collar, leash, owned, toes, pink toenails, cleavage, Katelyn Brooks

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