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Survival of a Speck Sized Slave

Katelyn arrives home from hot yoga to a surprise! Oh what could it be? Will her fantasy come true today by opening it up to a new shrunken man? She opens the box and doesn't see anything... as she takes a closer look there's a shrunken man the size of grain of sand way down inside of the little box! She flirts about how tiny he is and goes into a little story of how she once had a shrunken slave the size as him but that only lasted for a few seconds after arrival... he got crushed upon impact of her fingers reaching to pick him up. She only mentioned it to reassure that she'll be extra gentle with handling a man of his size, but of course he is quite terrified regardless.

Everything goes well and he safely rides her thumb up to her face. She mentions not seeing any food in the box he arrived in and in order to serve her first things first. He will need nourishment to give him the energy to serve her. His excitement comes to a halt when he hears that he won't ever be eating with her and would be lucky to even get crumbs off the floor. Instead, he will be surviving off whatever he can get from her body.

With that said, she exposes her armpit... and also her cleavage. Both equally as sweaty. Which will it be? ... THE PIT. If he wants to have the strength to survive any amount of time serving her then he must go through with it. He has no choice really... he's arrived to her and there's no going back. So he feeds from her sweaty armpits. Getting every lick of hydration that he possibly cam.

He's then placed on the floor in front of her Godly feet which he will feed from. They smell questionably more appetizing than her pits. To his luck there are pieces of debris to lick off her soles, a little bit of debris beneath her toenails, a little bit of dry skin to nibble off the sides of her feet and heels. Overall her feet are fucking immaculate though and he's lucky to find anything at all, especially as he knows that other shrunken slaves serve these feet too.

All of this talk about eating has gotten Katelyn in the mood to head out to lunch. So she carefully picks him up and places him back in the box which he arrived in. Before closing the lid she brings it to her pit to trap her sent in the box with its closing. She promises to be back soon as she loves playing with new slaves.

Features: micro / shrunken man implied to be as small as a grain of sand, mostly all pov and no prop used (too small to see from a distance), finger crush story about a previous slave the same size while hand approaches to pick you up, survive only from what you can get off Katelyn's sweaty pits and dirty feet, booming sound effects during foot scene (only during the several times Katelyn's feet gently touch down on the floor and also you must wear headphones with good bass to hear it), giantess voice sound effect during pov.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:06 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
micro, shrunken pov, close up, fingers approaching, handheld, cleavage, arm pit, sweat, goddess, big lips, curvy feet, bare soles, pink toenails, booming footsteps, dirty feet, box, giantess voice sound effect, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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