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Betrayed by Katelyn

**The scene fades in from the eyes of someone who has just been shrunken. This person's name is Emily and has been a 'friend' of Katelyn for a few years now. This has just changed. She looks upwards from her new inch tall height as Katelyn steps into view. Katelyn looks down with a smirk on her face.**

Katelyn: "Oh look at you down there, Emily. A bit different than usual, isn't it? You're aaaaallll the way down on the floor, but you're used to looking down on the pathetic people we've preyed upon these last few years. You and I... We've disposed of so many people."

**Katelyn bends down to pick up her former friend and hold her in front of her face.**

Katelyn: "So many questions going through your head, I bet. But let me just SQUASH them all right now by just telling you one simple thing... I've been planning on this ever since I brought you in on my little shrinking secret. I wanted to groom you into absolutely loving and craving this power, only to snatch it away so that I could see how you'd react after losing everything. And it's been so worth it. I can see how terrified you are, quivering in my palm. Just like everyone you finished off yourself. But you're just like them now. Pathetic and insignificant."

**Katelyn pauses to look at Emily's reaction. She laughs slightly before continuing to speak with her new victim.**

Katelyn: "You never thought this would happen, did you? It didn't even enter the realm of possibilities. But here you are, at my mercy. And if it wasn't clear to you already, these are your final moments. I'm simply just deciding how to do it. Maybe squish you in my cleavage? Or under my ass? Those were your favorites over these years. Hmmm... No, you don't deserve that. Maybe I should swallow you, sending you down to melt in my stomach, screaming your lungs out. Buuuuut... I don't want you infecting me somehow. You're just a disgusting gnat now, after all. Hmm. And what do we do with bugs? That's right, we crush them beneath our feet."

**Katelyn drops Emily to the floor.**

Katelyn: "In a moment like this, for someone I've known as long as I've known you, I feel as though I should say something before ending your little life. But nothing comes to mind. Oh well. Just do me one last favor and don't make such a mess."

**Katelyn lifts her foot and angles her big toe downwards, intending to make this crush with the front of her foot. The foot comes down and the former friend is smushed. Katelyn orgasms from the power-trip.**

Features: an epic betrayal tale / fully scripted story, hefty project with 40 angle changes, a little bit of it ALL -- handheld views, squished between boobs, smushed beneath beautiful bubble butt, brief swallow tease... all built up to an orgasmic barefoot crush and a wet post orgasm pussy to end.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:54 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken woman, pov, handheld, between fingers, cleavage, between boobs, body suit, thong, bubble butt, beneath ass, mouth, close up, bare soles, floor view, toe fetish, foot crush, under toe, pussy, orgasm, cum, giantess fetish, katelyn brooks, giantess

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