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Vore Amour

Your roommate (and best friend / long time crush!) discovers some Vore tabs open on the laptop that you share. It looks private, but while you're out she can't resist checking it out some more because it looks HOT! Now it all makes sense- why you dared her to swallow a goldfish, why you like to watch how she swallows gummy bears whole. And now Vore is something she wants to get into, so she calls up a nerdy friend from college who has always been smart, inventive, and helpful. He just so happens to have exactly what she's looking for - a shrinking device! She heads out to meet up with him.

Later that afternoon you and Katelyn are chilling on the couch together. You have been rubbing her beautiful feet while she lays back with her shorts unbuttoned rubbing her full belly. You guys went to an all you can eat restaurant and the food was so good that she didn't even have room for dessert... until now. You go to the kitchen to get her something sweet and SURPRISE... she shrinks you!!

She explains how you left some tabs open, she got the device, etc. One of the features of it is that the subject should be extra durable, and that looks true! Although still quite terrifying, your little legs pop back to normal after she flattens them beneath her toes. She brings you up close to her belly where you will be going, and briefly shows how you will be going into her mouth, through her esophagus, down into her stomach, and out her asshole to be cleaned up.

Now it's time for you to join her dinner and go through her digestive system with it! She plays around with you for a couple of minutes- placing you in her mouth, pulling you up with some saliva, letting you drip back into her mouth along with it, gulping with you under her tongue... until finally, down you go. You're so small that she barely feels you unless she contracts her throat, which she does.

She turns in early for the night and talks to you a bit while laying on her bed with you now inside of her stomach. She really hopes to see you in the morning and is worried about you until she feels you again! That's the most excited she's felt in a while and in fact if you make it out alive then she would love to give you a chance to date her! She drifts off to sleep letting out a fart... her body is getting ready to push you out!

The following morning comes and she wakes up from the wildest dreams that she now wants to make come true with you. With an ass jiggle she asks if you're ok... she feels you in her colon pushing out some gas as you go through. She heads to the bathroom to help push you out.

Features: shrunk by best friend / crush as a surprise, getting stepped on a few times to test durability, saliva string play and very sexy vore mouth tease, dialogue about coming out alive after going completely through Katelyn's digestive system, belly and panty clad booty, inside colon dialogue, two farts, development of romantic feelings, wanting to do it again.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:49 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, surprise, shrinking device, shrunken man, pov, durable, under foot, bare soles, cleavage, belly, saliva strings, mouth play, licking, gulped down, talking to stomach, vore survival, blue panties, fart, gfe, romantic, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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