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SnapChat Bundle 4

A 38 minute compilation featuring a huge bundle of content from my snapchat! Edited together like a compilation for ease of downloading and watching. This bundle includes a bunch of the snaps that only my SnapChat subscribers previously had the pleasure of viewing within 24 hours of posting. SnapChat is an app that uses the phone's camera which is how all of these were shot. They're raw and unedited other than organizing them into a compilation and exporting as one video. Some may be very interested in picking this up for the ant content alone. ;) There's also a good amount of Vore tease, some with food. And a little more. Check it out:

0:00 - 01:08 Katelyn shows you what she's about to film: a sandwich Vore video. You wish you could be in her belly too, so she swallows you down first as her appetizer.

01:08 - 01:36 Dancing with pregnant belly.

01:36 - 02:36 Katelyn eats crackers with hummus and wishes you were on one of them. She wants to feel you inside of her big bloated (pregnant) belly.

02:23 - 03:35 Sultry mouth tease

03:35 - 06:32 Katelyn's so fucking horny to swallow you today. She rubs her pussy, tells you to jerk it, and swallows you down. This weekend more will be joining you.

06:32 - 07:14 There are little bug boys on Katelyn's doorstep that she doesn't want going into her house, so she takes care of them...

07:14 - 07:34 Katelyn shows you where she'd want to keep you if you were her shrunken man. Inside of her belly.

07:34 - 07:55 Katelyn Vore teases a fan named Matthew.

07:55 - 08:24 October has Katelyn thinking about witches and wishing that she had magical powers to shrink you down.

08:24 - 09:05 Katelyn keeps a pair of seamed nylons around just for the fun of making you crawl up them.

09:05 - 16:15 Gets naughty outside. Hunts, crushes, swallows a bug boy. Gets horny from it and masturbates inside. Cums twice.

16:15 - 22:35 Eats a few Cheetos and spots some bug boys that pass by. Gets up and crushes them under bare toes and slides.

22:35 - 24:13 You get off to Vore too? Well then you belong together. You inside of her, that is.

24:13 - 27:17 Casually eats Cheetos outside with a little Vore tease.

27:17 - 34:01 Katelyn heads outside to name a bug boy after a fan who wishes to get crushed beneath her ass. She finds him with a friend, but they're so small that they escape in little crack to avoid getting squashed beneath her descending booty. Matt wants it so bad she knows he'll be back. She later finds that his friend ended up crushed under her toe. When Matt finally comes back out she sits on him, crushing him under her white panty clad ass. You will be next.

34:01 - 37:50 Since shrunken men are hard to come across, Katelyn's started eating animals too. She eats a chicken tamale with rice and beans while letting you fantasize about how you wish you could be on her plate and sliding down to her stomach with the food.

37:50 - 38:12 All Katelyn wants for Christmas is a pretty little box with a handsome little you inside!

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If you are interested in a lifetime membership to my SnapChat, you can get it here. The content in this bundle was shot from May 2020 through December 2021.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
38:13 minutes
480x976 mp4
snapchat, bundle, candid, raw, compilation, vore, mouth, tease, eating, crush, horny, pussy, orgasm, booty, outdoors, sandals, nylons, feet, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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