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360 VR - Katelyn Crushes Four Escapees

Katelyn left four of her shrunken slaves at home while she went out on a Christmas vacation. In knowing they'd have time to try to escape, they managed to rock their cage off the dresser and onto the floor. The door flew open on impact, but to one little slave's dismay, he got injured from the fall and left behind while the others ran for it. Upon Katelyn's return home she discovers what had happened and finds poor little Jimmy injured and abandoned in the cage.

Their days of being enslaved will soon be over because she's going to crush all of them, starting with Jimmy. She places him on the carpet in front of her high heel shoes and raises one above his body. It slips off her foot and nearly lands on him, as does the other. Just as a way to fuck with him and possibly injure him further because he deserves it. Her massive toes pin him into the rug, applying more and more pressure as the other foot descends down to his view from under her toes. One of the other slaves comes out from hiding, but he can't do a damn thing to save poor little Jimmy, in fact he will just be next.

After crushing Jimmy, the next slave sees her massive feet approaching one step at a time onto the vast land of the bathroom's tiled floor. Having come out from hiding doesn't earn him a second chance because she's not like other weak women who are like "three strikes and you're out." No. Slaves are meant to serve and what did they do? They tried to escape! She asks if he'd like to go and see Jimmy's remains. She's not feeling that sadistic, but that won't save him from getting crushed like the unwanted pest that this slave is. Training slaves into obedience isn't for her - if they don't please right off the back she doesn't want them and ones who try to escape most certainly get crushed like this one!

The next comes out from hiding after hearing that she will hunt every single one of them down anyway and if they come out she will crush them fast and painlessly. Which, she does, but not without playing a little crush game with him: she commands him to jerk off and the crush will last as long as it takes him to cum. Katelyn really really enjoyed the game and teasing him verbally and visually while he tried to cum as fast as possible to her feet. It only took about a minute and she keeps her promise and only makes him endure the worst pain of getting crushed for one minute.

She finds the last little escapee in the shower. His plan was to jump down the drain but he chickened out and now he's trapped, pinned beneath her perfectly pedicured toes and she's not going to let him escape again. He looks up at how the others met their fate and how he will too. She enjoys inflicting pain on others, especially bad slaves who deserve it. The pressure of her foot ontop of him makes him turn all sorts of colors. Christmas is over, but she's getting one last light show! Now she finishes what he started. He wanted to go down the drain and she's going to turn him into a mess all over the tiled shower floor and then continue the nigh by showering her divine body while he gets flushed down the drain. He should have jumped down while he still could because now he's going to get crushed!

Features: crush sound effects, toe fetish, pinned beneath toes, stepping on camera barefoot, slow crush with increasing pressure, camera flat on back for most of every shot, Jimmy ~8 min the rest ~4 min segments and not named or gendered, multiple locations, merciless Giantess


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:11 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
virtual reality, shrunken pov, close up, escapees, crush sound effects, white toenails, wrinkled soles, in between toes, toe fetish, standing on, crush fetish, merciless, floor view, sweater dress, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn


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  1. Joseph's Avatar
    This is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen. Giantess Katelyn proves once again why she is the best in the business. I usually never make it even halfway through this video...must buy for all foot crush fans!

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