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Mrs. Claus gets Horny from Sadistically Punishing and Crushing Naughty Elves

Mrs. Claus gets very very very carried away with the punishing four naughty little elves. Just as they find out they're going to get punished, one falls from her hand to the cold tiled floor down below and she doesn't care in fact he deserves it. He looks up with her massive bare sole just inches away from stepping on his shrunken body. She asks the other elves in her hand if she should end his pain and suffering. They say yes and she doesn't help him how they'd thought, instead, her massive foot hovers atop his body getting closer and closer, toes wiggling, heel passing back and forth over him, until... cruusshhhhhh. Her toes dip around in the remains until there's nothing left of him from the friction of it all. She laughs at how he got nothing for Christmas and got crushed because he deserved it.

Since it's Christmas Eve she lets the others choose their punishment. The next yells out "Crush me with your bubble butt!", to her amusement. "Let's see how that goes for you", she says, while placing him on a chair by the tree and turning her big butt around. Some booty bouncing and plopping her ass onto the chair to pin him down under it turns into more of what SUPER CLOSE UP LAP DANCE looks like to him. Being so small to end up between her ass crack may be his savior to such a wonderful view of his otherwise punishment, but as the grinding gets more and more naughty, her ass cheeks and panty clad pussy find his little body and grind it until there's nothing left of him while happily looking at the others in her hand. Now, she asks the next what his idea of punishment is.

He would like to get squished between her bare boobs, so in between them he goes. They're so soft and squishy around his body that he is turning blue from lack of air around them. He gasps for air, as she allows, only because his body feels good wriggling against her breasts. He even gets swirled around her nipples and that's about when she decides that it's been too pleasurable of a punishment for him and crushes him once and for all between her breasts. She squishes them together until his remains are absorbed with nothing left of him to be seen when she spreads them out next.

Now only one naughty little elf left in her beautiful soft palm. He asks to get squeezed between her thighs. His world turns sideways as he's placed between them and squeezed so hard that he starts turning blue. But what a view between her thick thighs! Gazing up at Mrs. Claus' panty clad pussy, bare breasts, and face, is the best punishment he could have possibly imagined. He gasps for air and Katelyn moans in pleasure and rubs her pussy for a moment... oops! Santa can't find out about that so she squeezes him until he pops!

Turns out Mrs. Claus has built up so much rage towards naughty elves that punishing them is so pleasurable that it has gotten her pussy wet. She spreads her legs and slides her thong to the side to rub her horny pussy while thinking about everything she's done to the naughty little elves. Now the other elves know that Mrs. Claus' idea of punishment is no where near as gentle as Mr. Claus' and that she sees them as nothing more than disposable slaves! The other elves are too terrified to say anything. Those who are good will live to see another day, but those who are disobedient will not. She nearly gets off fantasizing about all of the other things she will do to naughty elves, but saves it for when the time comes....

Features: over 70 multi-cam view switches from first person pov to third person pov, very detailed close up under bare sole during foot crush, amazing view under ass and in crack during ass crush, squished between boobs popped out of bra, super hot view looking from below panties up body while getting squeezed between thighs, erotic masturbation scene, sadistic personality and horny... none of the elves survive getting punished by Mrs. Claus'


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:41 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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