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'tis the Season for Comfort Food... and Bloat!

Katelyn is all about comfort food once the holiday season comes around. She grabs a bag of cookies, glass of milk, and begins pigging out. A pleasure of life. "What would you rate my current bloat?" She asks, while stuffing her mouth with a cookie and showing you her beautiful belly. Isn't it so hot? Especially when you can see it getting bigger and bigger! She rubs it, burps, and moans from indulging in the cookies.

This whole scene would make your wildest dream come true and to top it off she peels of her leggings and tells you to worship her ass and stroke to all of its glory. Any time she gains weight she just seems to get a bigger booty from it. She drools for the taste of another cookie. They're her favorite and she intends to finish the rest of them! She burps again since eating anything but healthy food makes her gassy. Her burps get heartier the more she eats. She jokes that if you came over to her place she knows what you would bring. Snacks and lots of them!

She asks if she should get more comfortable and strips off her tight little green sweater. Her belly is now protruding outwards, looking so tight, and full... in order to eat another cookie she burps out some gas to make room. Since you like it so much she gives you a little bloated belly show. The cookies are so good she can't help but finish every single cookie in the bag and she loves teasing you along the way. Come enjoy listening to her push burps out burps, jiggle her booty, rate her increasing bloat, and more!

Features: pushing burps out, eating cookies and drinking milk, rate my increasing bloat, stripping down to festive lingerie, cleavage, panty clad booty worship pov, in front of the Christmas tree


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, burping, eating, cookies, drinking, milk, booty, jiggling, red panties, leggings, sweater, belly, bloated, cleavage, stuffing, christmas tree, rate, Katelyn Brooks

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