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Katelyn's Early Christmas Gift

Katelyn sees a pretty red box with a bow and a note which reads "open me". "What is this? A Christmas gift while no one is home?!" When she sees what's inside she rushes off to her room in excitement, singing "Oh ho hoooo!!" and drops it onto her bed. She's been wanting this for soooo long. She teasingly pulls the box closer by its pretty ribbon and opens it, looking down at the six shrunken people inside. "He actually did it. He found me a selection box. Now it's time to make my biggest fantasy come true, and eat all of you". Her hips are naturally gyrating back and forth in horny excitement as her tongue slides across her lip. She manically laughs at how the shrunken people went from acting scared to going into pure panic looking up at her.

"I don't think it'll be too bad, it'll only burn while you're still alive. How long do you think that'll be? If you're not so lucky maybe you'll last even longer in there. It's time to feed!" She's absolutely drooling to feel someone inside of her mouth and her stomach. A few fingers dip down into the box and bring one up to go for a ride on her nipples and listen to where they're going. Her fingers dip down into the box again and pull a second one out. She mocks them about how helpless they are and gives them a chance at pleasing her pussy. Before long her stomach growls and that's time up for them. They both drop into her mouth together, get pulled back up, just to teasingly dropped back in once again and for good.

She grabs the next one. "You should have heard the things they were saying to eachother. It was obvious they were a couple. Somehow that made the swallow even hotter and now I need to cum. Let's see how well you do, pleasuring my pussy. This is like cheating, like putting the game on easy mode for you, because I can already feel how wet my panties are from swallowing them. I'm going to cum so easily from humping you." She places him below her panty clad pussy and asks him to rate how wet she got from swallowing them, a scale of one to ten. "Let's make it a ten" She humps and has a mind blowing orgasm to feeling his hard dick pressed into her wet pussy while feeling the couple struggling inside of her stomach. She came so easily that she tosses this horny little shrunken man inside her panty drawer for keeps.

What's that mean for the remaining four inside of the box? Absolutely nothing! She carelessly dumps them onto her bed. "This isn't all about cumming. It's about enjoying the power trip." Bending over to bring herself within licking distance, she asks - "Will you be able to latter up ontop of eachother to escape, just to get swallowed again?! Will you be able to hold onto my stomach walls longer working together?! Is that other couple that I swallowed first still alive in there?! How about you go down and find out!" Without further notice she licks all four of them up into her mouth. Pauses. And gulps. She power trips off feeling the four of them slip and slide down to her stomach while talking aloud about hot the moment of anticipation was for her while they panicked inside of her mouth before getting swallowed.

Now it's time to continue on with her day. While standing by her bed putting her bra back on she is completely unaware that there is a shrunken person on the floor looking up at her in awe... or shock. "Hopefully there's more where that came from" is the last thing heard while her bare foot comes down and crushes him (or her).

Features: Packed with action! Close up slow motion swallow of shrunken couple, one shrunken man used as a sex slave and kept in panty drawer, four shrunken people licked up and gulped down together, one unawarely crushed into carpet by barefoot. Tons of shots and angle changes. A few hungry belly sounds. Pussy covered in pre-cum super close up, humping camera and cumming. Hot pov from inside box and out of box.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, masturbation, belly, pov, shrunken men, shrunken women, slow motion, wet pussy, close up, belly button, panties, boobs, cleavage, gift, present, Christmas, unaware crush, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess Katelyn

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