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The End of a Borrower's Life

A borrower was on his way back to his hideout with a chocolate kiss, but it was spotted in the rug by the Giantess of whom it belongs. With no where to run without being seen, he cowers behind the chocolate in hopes it's a quick grab. However, she looks down in curiosity of it being in such a strange location, and discovers how it got there.

The chocolate kiss gets tossed between her cleavage, along with him, as this Giantess has an extremely playful personality. She holds him to close her belly, talking about how she's hungry and he will be a mini appetizer before she heads out. With it being the holiday season, she's feeling naughty AND nice, and treats him to some boob play before swallowing him. He loves feeling his naked body in between her massive tits and against her big soft nipples and cumming all over them. The fun and teasing takes a turn when her playful manner sends him slowly sliding through a long sticky strand of saliva dripping from her fingers down into her wide open mouth below to catch and gulp down to no return.

At least there will be no gruesome remains for any of the others to find, she remarks, and she knows there are others! Perhaps he even has a girlfriend that he can have one last fuck with inside of her stomach if he lasts long enough in there. She slaps her stomach in excitement at that thought and in arousal of having him in there. For now, though, she's headed out to a party with the intention to eat and get laid... it's about to get very active inside of her stomach!

Features: extremely playful personality, a lot of breast play and teasing, vore via saliva strand dripping into mouth, simulated internal stomach scene with motion + digestive sounds + heartbeat + subtle voice effect


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:05 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken man, borrower, pov, cleavage, big boobs, nipples, boob play, bouncing tits, open mouth, saliva strands, vore, belly, simulated internal stomach scene, slapping, light masturbation, spread legs, panties, playful, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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