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360 VR - Shrinking to Perv Backfires and gets You Crushed

You miniaturized yourself with the company shrinking device in attempt to get a view up Katelyn's dress, but you get way more than you bargained for when she finds you perving on her. Now you're at her mercy. Do you remember that one time when the test subject went missing and then she felt a squish underneath her heels and it was him? Well, she's been waiting for day she gets to crush another shrunken man beneath her high heel sandals. Perhaps it should be you? She lowers you down past what you wanted - her pantiless pussy. To what she wants - to feel you beneath her high heel sandals.

The slowing side effect hasn't worn off, so there's no running away. The only thing you can do is grovel. Pray that she crushes you as fast and painlessly as possible, because she promises, you are not getting out of this alive. She removes her shoe and pins you down under the larger than life toes of her soft bare foot. You turn blue and red underneath her weight- looking up at her from in between her toes is quite an amazingly hot view though! She rubs her womanhood while going back and forth over you, getting one step closer to squishing you flat.

Her pussy is so wet to turn you into a new stain on the office floor. She's going to do it with her high heel sandals on. She places one shoe above you. Lowering her massive bare foot down through all the straps is terrifying. If she loses her balance, this could be the end of you. She gets them on and you know that this is it. She makes her pussy feel real good to hearing your body go squish and pop beneath her.

Features: the vr camera is on its back for most of the video, half high heel sandals and half bare feet, walkovers, pantiless upskirt wet pussy rubbing, shrinking to perv backfires and gets you crushed.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:05 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360vr, virtual reality, high heel sandals, bare soles, underfoot, pov, close up, between toes, stepping on camera, walking over camera, pantiless, pussy, masturbation, office, floor view, vr360, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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