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Giant Alien Babe with Big Vore Belly Goal

A giantess named Katelyn has made a lair on planet Earth where she's been getting off by feasting on earthlings to satisfy her fetish and work towards reaching her big belly goal. After making some room via burping out unnecessary air around the seven that she's already swallowed whole for dinner tonight (implied), she returns to the table to finish her feast. Two men remain in which she sexually excites herself with- making them listen to those inside of her stomach and hear where they're going very soon, rubbing them against her pantiless pussy up her mini skirt, teasing them with her tits, licking them... and going all out with sucking them in and gulping them down whole.

While getting her nice big perfect pussy off to swallowing the last one, she looks down past her admirably big bloated vore belly, and sees the first ever unexpected guest way down by her feet on the floor of her lair. Why would he dare enter and put his life at risk?! Well, because his city sent him as a virgin sacrifice in hopes to please her. Since she's too full to eat him at the moment, she sees how good he is at eating pussy and kissing and then gives him a good taste. She's had better all around and it turns out her stomach has made room for him. She asks if he'd like her to get revenge for him and gets the name of his city before gulping his whole body down with hopes that eating him will give her even bigger tits yet. They're already bursting out of her top!

The following morning she wakes up late because that last one was squirming around and disturbing her sleep for quite a while. Despite eating so many men and women for dinner last night, her belly is as flat as a board again after her powerful digestive system processed them for her nutrition. She's ready to get up and continue working towards her goal - to eat so many earthlings that her belly will look pregnant. Why? Because a well nurtured body type with a big round belly is what the men on her planet find the most attractive! In order to reach her goal faster she will be feasting upon the Earth's cities in an all you can eat manner from now on. Off she goes to you-know-whose city next! (She can't remember his name as she's already eaten so many at this point!)

Features: giantess alien on earth, a lot of digestive sounds during belly closeups, burping to make room for the next little man, three little men are swallowed whole with seven implied to already be inside stomach, bursting cleavage, pantiless upskirt view, masturbation. Name used for last little man eaten is Ben.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
swallowed whole, vore, bloated, belly, burping, digestive sounds, cleavage, big boobs, big lips, pantiless, upskirt, masturbation, pov, kissing, close up, pussy, ass, mini skirt, long hair, alien, little man, ben, lair, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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