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How You Got a Date with The New Girl at School

In between classes you go and chill by the school's fountain, fantasizing about how you heard the new girl in class let out a burp under her mask and how hot it was. You suddenly see her approaching and she starts chatting to you about how much it sucks wearing a mask all day in school because of how gassy she gets and how gross it is burp in her own mask. So, she holds them in and releases them outside in between classes. Being new, she asks if you know where a vending machine is, and goes off to get a soda. Of course you wait incase she comes back and burps some more... which she does while chatting to you some more.

The next day at school she joins you by the fountain again and starts enjoying her soda and letting her burps out. When the wind lifts her skirt up you can see that she's pantiless!! She notices that you noticed, and that you have a boner, and that's when her promiscuous side comes out and things go from casual to fucking wild.

She dares you to jerk off right there in public. Saying that she'll go on a date with you if you do! While you're jerking it she's drinking a soda, burping, flashing you with her pussy, saying hi to people that pass by, rubs her bare foot on your crotch for a moment... and... wait for it... she also slips her fingers up her thighs and fingers her pantiless pussy for you to see and her to enjoy! You cum and make a mess in your pants. Now you have tonight to look forward to...

Features: at school scenario, chatting / casual, burping, drinking soda, upskirt / pantiless, a touch of foot fetish, promiscuous personality, fingering pussy, jerk off in front of Katelyn and she'll go on a date with you tonight!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:34 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
school uniform, plaid skirt, upskirt, pantiless, pussy, burping, drinking, soda, promiscuous, masturbation, fingering pussy, jerk off encouragement, public, outdoors, new girl, casual, Katelyn Brooks

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