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360 VR - Crushed under Katelyn's High Heels at the Office

You have no idea how you shrunk, but HELP HAS ARRIVED... SO YOU THOUGHT. Katelyn reveals that she slipped a shrinking potion in your morning coffee. Didn't you put that together after you took the last sip?! She pulls up a chair and talks about how she's fantasized about running you over with her big SUV, but since it would be hard to get away with that, this is what she's doing to you instead. YOU'RE GOING TO END UP CRUSHED UNDER HER HIGH HEEL SHOE!

She moves your shrunken body up to the surface of the office desk. SHE'S TURNED ON and you're unable to make any kind of escape since she's already made sure of that by stepping on you a bit earlier. SHE SLIPS HER IMMACULATELY WRINKLED BARE SOLES OUT OF HER HIGH HEELS, PLOPS THEM BEFORE YOU, AND COMMANDS YOU TO GROVEL BEFORE YOUR NEW GOD'S FEET. Why is God doing this to you? You got on her nerves and that's all you'll ever know! She doesn't see you as anyone worth having an existence is all she says, and this is how your life is going to end. She rubs her tits, plops them on the table a few times, and then places you back on the floor, telling you to derive what fucking pleasure you can from this.

YOU'RE PINNED, YOU'RE HELPLESS, AND YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING GET CRUSHED AND SMEARED ONTO THE CARPET. She applies more and more pressure onto your little tiny body until your head turns red before she lifts off just in time before crushing you and coming back to do it all over again. This time all she leaves behind of you is your skull, in which she crushes last. You hear the popping of it as you become a squished mess onto the carpeted office floor.

Features: Sound fx when you get crushed at the end underneath Katelyn's high heel shoes, bare feet mixed in, crushed by car fantasy, camera gets knocked on its back while it's on the floor, dominant personality, some reasons are left vague for the viewer-- like who you are to Katelyn and the reason for crushing you (other than you irritated her).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:01 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
virtual reality, white high heels, shoe crush, pov, bare soles, wrinkled soles, dominant, floor view, office, desk, upskirt, white panties, tits, boobs, foot fetish, car crush fantasy, feet, sound fx, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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