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Finally got Box of Toys back from ex Girlfriend

Oh no! You accidentally left a box of your most valued possessions behind at your ex's house when you moved your shit out during the breakup. Begging her for them back doesn't help, so you hand over some cash in desperation for her to bring them to campus since you know her dad will kick your ass if you try to go her place to get them. She hints that she may make plans with your toys later, but you can't tell if she's just trying to joke around to bother you...

Little do you know, she goes ahead and spends the cash on a new pair of sneakers and new athletic outfit, and then crushes a bunch of your possessions while wearing it and talking to her new man on the phone. Doesn't end there, either. The next day she finds another box of your even more valuable antique toys and crushes them before school. The previous night her new man and her even fucked while crushing (implied) while making a plan of how it would be funny for her to return a taped box to you the next day, to let you think it contains your toys, which it would, but just the crushed remains of them.

The next day you see your ex Katelyn on a bench at campus with a box. It's your toys! She doesn't hand them over without more cash, though. She takes the hundred dollar bill and rubs it up her thigh... wind blowing her skirt up... that slut isn't even wearing panties. The bitch hands them over... you wonder why the box has tape all over it. Perhaps she just taped it up out of precaution? The two toys in their boxes taped on top look fine... Little do you know what you'll be opening up later tho!

Features: findom, about a dozen toy trains get crushed beneath sneakers + talking to new man on phone and getting horny, a little masturbation, three more larger nerdy robot toys get destroyed the next day under high heel boots, various angles of all the crush


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
34:40 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
toy crush, train, robot, sneakers, sneaker fetish, new shoes, boots, destruction, stomping, walking, jumping, squatting, crushing, toys, ex, gfe, breakup, bitch, athletic outfit, school uniform, plaid skirt, money, findom, fetish video, Katelyn Brooks

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