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Sinner Sent to Hell

You suddenly feel so much smaller than you used to be after entering a mysterious room at church. By the fireplace sits an unusually provocative looking nun who tells you that God sent you to her and soon all of your worries will be melted away. She has a special connection with him which you will witness first hand. You can already feel the power over you, as you're unable to leave the room. She stands up an approaches you... you only come up to her belly. "How fitting, my Lord!" she exclaims before telling you that you're going to shrink down small enough for her to gulp down to her stomach. She pats her belly and backs up as God shrinks you again.

She comes close to compare your size to hers once again. Now you only come up to her skirt. The lord speaks to her, and gives her permission to use you as an oral sex slave before the shrinking continues. She looks at you with excitement and rolls out her tongue in demonstration to stretch yours out and get ready to make her cum. After she fucks your face to orgasm she thanks the lord and then backs up to see you shrink to your final size!

"Look at how small you are!" Katelyn exclaims as she measures you with her descending hand. "The perfect size to swallow down to my stomach"! Even though this isn't the first time she's seen a miniaturized person, it really is quite a view to take in every single time. She towers over you in awe of God's work. "The best thing you can do now is pray for him to forgive you for your sins and allow you into his heaven, as he no longer wants you on his earth" she says while scooping you up...

"This is the end of your life playing out" She remarks while opening her mouth very widely to swallow you whole. Saliva drips off her palm as her fingertip pushes you back her tongue and down her throat. A few gulps later she gladly traces your path down to her now noisy belly. It didn't react so strongly to the previous people she's swallowed. He is really making you suffer, and she derives no sadistic pleasure from it. Only pleasure from serving the lord. So, she is happy thinking about how you're inside of her stomach since she put you in your place for him. Perhaps he is even making her stomach the hell in which you will be burning in for eternity...

Features: shrinking in stages, pussy slavery, swallowed whole by a nun, stomach noises throughout ending, belly rubbing, alive inside of the hell which is her stomach possibly for eternity as decided by God


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:50 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
nun, pov, vore, shrinking in stages, size comparison, cleavage, legs, upskirt, oral slave, pussy licking, long tongue, orgasm, big lips, open mouth, swallowed whole, gulping, stomach, belly rubbing, stomach noises, taboo, religion, god, fate, fetish video

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