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The Last Day of a Privileged Slave's Crush Voyeur from Cage

You awaken to the sexy sound of Katelyn's high heels clicking along the land far below the cage which you reside. As she comes closer you see three fellow shrunken man slaves held inside of her shiny black skirt's waistband. These slaves have been bugging her and with it being October she's particularly in the mood for CRUSH. They are next to meet their fate below her high heels and with much she knows you enjoy watching, she treats you to a full body view of all of the action.

The first one is gently placed onto the tiled floor. Why gently? So she can enjoy feeling him fight for his life that much more as she crushes him. Especially since the shoe is in between her foot and the slaves body. She explains how well she can feel his body and feel him grabbing on to her shoe. She can almost hear him begging for mercy! She twists on top of him, finishing him off while you enjoy the show from inside of your cage.

She comes closer to get the next slave out, explaining how she had high hopes for him as he was a butler in his full-size life. They flirted with the idea of her bringing him home, and had different ideas of what that would entail. It turns out he wanted out of that life and was only good at it because he was getting paid. Little did he know what he was getting himself into, that he would be shrunken and enslaved, and now he's next to get crushed for not giving a fuck anymore. She tosses his crushed remains across the room, his body slamming onto the coffee table out of view, a mess for her other slaves to clean up.

One more shrunken slave left that's been bugging her. What will she do with this one? She wants more of a thrill. Simply taking their lives isn't enough. She's grown too used to it. She places him on the floor and kicks him over to the fireplace to enjoy seeing his body slamming against the floor over and over. To crush him, she prances back and forth without looking down, making for a quite thrilling game of IF she'll step on him this and how long he'll last with being walked on so many times! Many times, stopping after stepping on him to indulge in her sadistic torment and commentary that much more, even making herself cum to it. It helped that he was slightly larger, making him survive a bit longer through it all.

It was so fucking hot to watch her crush them all, but now she comes and grabs YOU. Even though she just had all of that fun it's only gotten her started. She wants to crush someone else and who better than you? You, who likes to voyeur in on watching her crush, and now you're next. You didn't think she'd keep you around forever, did you?! This is the end of it for you, so you might as well enjoy it as much as you can-- she says, while putting you on the floor beneath her nyloned foot.

She got you all worked up and unexpecting to be next under her foot and now there you are. The view is the hottest thing you've ever seen. Her massive nyloned bare foot pins you down as you look up it, past her legs, up her body, to her grinning face. The Goddess you've came to watching crush so many others is now going to crush you and she encourages that you make yourself cum as many times as possible through the process of what becomes a very slow crush. One limb at a time, you stroke it while you still have an arm, cumming over, and over while you can, until finally she crushes the remains of your body at once.

Features: three shrunken slaves get crushed beneath high heels and you get crushed under nyloned soles with a full body view of Katelyn throughout


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
25:42 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
full body view, shrunken men, slaves, high heels, nyloned feet, crush, voyeurism, cage pov, red lips, nyloned soles, underfoot close up, upskirt, butt flash, booty, skirt, legs, walking, sadistic, fetish video, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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