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The Power of Love, Vore, and Witchcraft

So, I've been thinking about how we're both into Vore. You’ve enjoyed watching me use my magic to shrink fans and swallow them whole for our pleasure. Mine to feel and yours to watch. In fact, I can still feel the one from last Friday, and here we are a week later! In my alone time I've been fantasizing about feeling all of those shrunken men inside of me and wondering why I've always swallowed whole. Also about how we've been craving something more... and I know just the thing for tonight.

You know how we've talked about how you'd like your fate to be living out the Vore fantasy with me? Well, how happy we've been in our relationship actually makes it the perfect time to seal our memories together. There is no better time to make it happen then now while everything is so wonderful! The most wholesome way for this to happen would be for me to thoroughly chew you up, but don't worry about feeling any pain! Through the power of my magic and our combined love for eachother, I can make every bite feel better than a massage, better than sex, better than anything you've ever felt!

While I won't be able to use my magic to pull you back together like last time, that's because this time I will be absorbing you, and you will be becoming part of me unlike any others! The trick will be to imagine how good it feels which will be oh so easy since this is what we both want. With that said, I use my magic shrink you. (Special magic FX!)

Now you are about three inches in total size, with a huge boner! I begin to eat you alive, enjoying every bite, chomp, chew, and gulp of you. Your limbs are soft via my magic which has worked well on those I've swallowed whole so they can't get out of my belly. Now I'm finding that it also makes the limbs incredibly easy to chew through. And, the more thoroughly I chew them up, the more we will be fused into one.

You have the most blissful expression I’ve even seen as I’m eating you alive. Cumming throughout the process. My magic magnifies your pleasure. You can feel parts of yourself in my body becoming part of me. My boobs. Ass. Body. You’re still alive while seeing that we are together in a whole new way. Now it is almost time to finish you off. I swallow your cock whole so you can keep enjoying the pleasure. Thoroughly chew up your torso. Finally your head is swallowed whole so you can hear my climax.

With you inside of my stomach I rub myself to orgasm, which is quick to happen, and I continue to lie on my back to make for the slowest and most thorough digestion.

Features: magic special effects, witch girlfriend, vore romance, getting eaten alive bite by bite feels better than anything you've ever felt before, cum as many times as you can throughout the process, a most desired fate


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:24 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
magic fx, witch, gfe, pov, chewing, biting, chomping, vore, fate, romance, belly, boobs, masturbation, girlfriend, black panties, black bra, bed, vorarephilia, fetish video, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. JayToms's Avatar
    There's something about the lighting and special effect Katelyn brings to her videos that really show much work she puts into it. This is another treasure I recommend anyone to add to their collection. This one is very detailed and normally something I don't explore. However, I appreciate the work that went into this and after watching it a few times, it gets really hot!!

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