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4K 360 VR - Fantasies of Step-Mom Come True: Part Two

Step-mommy Katelyn brings you back to the bed, as feeling you in your new home (her pussy, established in Part One) has made her aching to enjoy another orgasm with you. This time around she wants to make up for time you didn't get to spend at the boobs breastfeeding since you are after all her step-son. Thankfully once a mother has breastfed the mammary tissues are forever matured, and breastmilk can be expressed with enough stimulation. You suck on her tits well enough that milk squirts out. How delicious and erotic! You drink it up and get rubbed all over her nipples in excitement and horniness. She licks it off of you and brings you back to her breasts for another round before dunking you back into her pussy. How did you end up being six inches tall? The size of a dick. Better than your fathers ever felt! Mommy pants and moans as she has sex with your entire body and cums all over you. It feels so good to be in her pussy!

Features: view looking out of pussy (I suggest using a desktop VR player like VLC, zooming out and orienting the view as desired), most of the video's focus is on breast play with real breastmilk seen squirting out from nipples several times, enjoy stimulating mommy's nipples with sucking them and getting rubbed against them, brief lens-licking to taste the sex juices you're coated in, back into pussy for two minutes to end with mommy cumming.

Note: Name of step-son is David.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:02 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
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