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4K 360 VR - Fantasies of Step-Mom Come True

Being only six inches tall makes it's easy to tuck yourself behind something and jerk off. Lately you've been jerking a lot to your step-mother's feet and tits and have been fantasizing about getting closer to them. This makes your hand instantly grab your cock when you see her walk into the bedroom and admire her boobs and ass in the mirror. She catches you in the act, picks you up, and pushes your hand away from your erection. "Don't think I don't know what you were up to!"

"Do mommy's big tits make you want to blow a load?" She verbally teases you about it while bringing you closer to her still-exposed breasts. Going in between them is somewhere you've only fantasized about until now. It makes her wet and wanting to cum too. Off go her booty shorts. Panties get pulled to the side. Your step-mother's pussy meets with your hands for the first time as she tells you to push her clit around, making her feel good. She knows what you're into though. Her feet.

Onto the floor you go. Damn! She even knows about how you've been jerking off in her socks. With that she divulges something very sexy to tickle your foot fetish. Fantasies she's had about tucking you into her fluffy slipper while they're on, making you cum from the friction of being trapped inside, and even in secrecy while company is over... which she indulges in feeling for a moment before bringing you up to the bed.

On the bed she rubs her wonderful wet swollen pussy while holding you in between her now fully bare feet far below her and held up in the air by them. Getting closer to reaching orgasm she gives you a countdown to cum together. 5... "Feel the warmth of my bare feet wrapped around your little body and throbbing cock" 4... "Mommy's wet for you" 3... "Tell me I'm your Goddess of a mother" 2... "Cum for me you little foot bitch" 1... "Cum for me son"

"Now it's time for you to see your new home!" She exclaims while inserting you into her pussy... dad won't find you there, as they're going through a divorce, and since you're 18 you can choose to stay with her.

Features: virtual reality, step-mom catches step-son masturbating to her, tits out throughout, foot play in-slipper and held between bare feet, masturbating together, cum countdown, pussy insertion to new home.

Note: Name of step-son is David


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:33 minutes
3840x1920 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 vr, milf, step-mom, step-son, caught, taboo, booty shorts, big boobs, boob play, fluffy slippers, bare feet, pussy, masturbation, held in between toes, cum countdown, vr360, fetish video, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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