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Matching with a Vore Fetishist

Katelyn has been looking forward to meeting your company in person today. She's dearly missed feeling the flutters of having a baby in the womb, and since hubby and her are waiting to have a second, she divulges all about how she's been swallowing goldfish for her fix. She's after something longer lasting since they only last a few minutes per pop. That was left out of her Facebook post that brought you together, and hearing about it has given you an erection. She asks more about your ability to shrink yourself down and your Vore fetish.

You've never told anyone about it, for your own safety, until now that you're ready to make your biggest fantasy come true. You can shrink yourself down to five inches which Katelyn is happy to hear since she can feel goldfish of that size swimming in her stomach. It doesn't give you any special abilities, so you doubt you'll survive. You shrink yourself down in an instant to get swallowed down by this eager Vore Goddess.

She comes over to your clothes which didn't size down with you and takes in the view for a moment. It's as if she's dreaming or watching a movie! Her mouth approaches you and it is... LARGE! Saliva drips off her tongue in anticipation of what's to come. She places you onto her coffee table and tells you to show her how badly you want to get swallowed. Walk onto her rolled out tongue. Which you do...

You and your load slide down her throat. She savors your orgasm rolling off her tongue and when she stands up you slide out of control, sealed into her stomach. Hardly able to see down past her huge tits she pops her big tits out looking down between them, happy with your arrival inside of her. It's everything she'd hoped for and more, in that, it's also made her panties wet...

She could so easily cum at this very moment, but wants to save herself for riding her husband when he gets home from work, while showing him how you're inside of her stomach. In the meantime she needs something to distract herself with so is going to look up the Vore fetish, as it clearly seems to be something she'll desire again...

Features: Teasing with belly throughout, talking about swallowing goldfish, wide open mouth shots, saliva dripping off tongue, walking into mouth to get swallowed whole, playful personality having fun jumping/jiggling/dancing with you in belly, horny to ride husband with you sealed in stomach


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore fetish, goldfish swallowing story, belly shirt, open mouth, extended tongue, uvula, dripping saliva, inside stomach, jean shorts, boobs, girl next door, fetish video, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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