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Swallowed by Sister

Beth finds her foolish brother whose managed to get himself shrunk. She takes full advantage of her new position in the power dynamic of big sister, little brother teasing how he could be crushed to death under her shoe.

Unfortunately his pleas to be looked after and for Beth to be nice to him falls on deaf ears as she drops him into her shoe to relish his discomfort in there.

Her new found power is too much for her as she can't help but masturbate while he can only look on at her feet. They have always been competitive siblings and now Beth has the ability to be number one. Mom and dad will never know and she lowers her own brother into her mouth and feels him slide inside of her. She can't help but cum feeling him suffer inside her as she relishes her new position as number one.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
18:11 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennett, POV, confession, masturbation, pussy rubbing, close up, feet, foot fetish, in shoe, taboo, sister, vore, mouth, big lips, footfetish, sneaker, trainers, upskirt, panties, blonde, giantess fetish, giantessproductions

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