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Becoming Human Meat

Far in the future, the world is run much differently. The most powerful people are those who have special powers. Katelyn is one of them who has the ability to shrink people. She's also a shareholder of a human slaughterhouse and becoming filthy rich from it. The government sentences people to go there based off their worth to society. Unfortunately for you (Joe), you've just lost your job after turning 50 and are soon due to go. So, you visit your neighbor Katelyn in the last few days in hopes that she will eat you instead.

Katelyn is in the middle of making a sandwich, snacking on the cheese, and looking effortlessly gorgeous in nothing but a tank top mini dress. She reminds you of how the world is run and also that she only eats young men. She influences you to go with statements like: it's normal to have anxiety about it, other people are going right now, you could go and get it over with and end it all right now. Then she remembers that you're the owner of the big house at the end of the street, and is willing to make a deal.

You get naked and sit on the couch, Katelyn returns with paperwork for you to sign everything over to her. After getting your signatures she gives you a handjob because your old meat will taste better after you cum. You blow your load very quickly to a great view up at Katelyn's pantiless pussy and at her cleavage hanging over you. Now you know what's coming next. She shrinks you down to about five inches... the perfect size to become the meat in her sandwich.

She likes her meat RARE and eats you bite by bite. Because of her special powers you are alive for every single bite of it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. She couldn't be any sexier while eating you alive... you might even cum again in her sandwich before it's too late!

Features: hint of findom (you sign over your house and cars to get eaten alive by Katelyn), cleavagetacular little black dress, pantiless upskirt view during handjob, boobs out for last half of the video, you're as big as the sandwich lying inside getting eaten bite by bite from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and alive for every bite.

Note: Name used for you/viewer is Joe


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:43 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, vore, cleavage, big bare boobs, hand job, inside sandwich view, cheese, little black dress, eating, red nails, long hair, food, eaten bite by bite, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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