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Boyfriend Shrinks Himself before Girl's Night

When your girlfriend's looking in the fridge to figure out what to make for girls night you shrink yourself down to the size of a bug. She looks around wondering where you went and finds you shrunken on the floor by following your little squeaks (implied, not heard), happy not to of crushed you. While confused and guessing how you got that small it quickly makes sense. Last night when you two were watching HISTK you were talking about how cool being that small would be.

Katelyn's been horny all day and starts to give you a hot tease at your new size. She lifts her teeny tank top, knockers bouncing out above you, nipples the size of your body. From between her fingers her breath warms you up as she brings you real close to her mouth. You've always loved her blowjobs and now you feel her lovely mouth slurping all around your entire body. She places you on the chair she usually sits at to give you a view from it. Pulling her thong to the side, looking at her asshole, it sounds like you'll perhaps take her anal virginity at your new size. Your entire body could fit in her ass. Would you dare? Next you're on the floor watching her reenact crushing bugs. You've always loved that and how playful she is, but it's admittedly a bit frightening with how things have changed. She tells you to relax and puts you in the back of her thong.

Time to go see what Mel thinks about your new size!

Note: Katelyn plays as girlfriend "Lisa" (mentioned once). Boyfriend's name is "Matt" (mentioned a few times).

Features: 100% pov, boob bouncing tease, a little bit of mouth tease with lapping tongue close to camera, booty tease from chair view pulling thong to side revealing asshole for a moment, full body floor view of Katelyn reenacting crushing bugs, slip into back of thong.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, gfe, floor view, soles, red nails, underboob, big boobs, mouth, handheld, booty, thong, asshole, crush tease, bare feet, close up, giantess fetish, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess Katelyn

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