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The Secret Ingredient

Katelyn has a home-based bakery business. The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have actually helped to accelerate demand for her goods. People throughout the community love her home-made delicacies. They are the perfect sweets to calm people’s nerves in a chaotic time. She has one particular recipe that she only makes on special occasions. It’s her signature Tres Leches cake! It’s her best item and when folks ask how it’s so rich, delicious, and nutritious she simply tells them that it’s all in how she incorporates the milk... duh!

She is in the kitchen baking cookies, wearing a very sexy apron. Her massive boobs and cleavage are impossible to ignore. Her cell phone rings. On the other end of the line you are insisting that she makes her signature Tres Leches cake and that you will do whatever it takes to have it! She tries to tell you no, that she doesn’t take custom go over and do her a “favor” ...but you can’t tell anyone because if they find out then she would be bombarded with orders. You agree and she hangs up the phone with a big smirk, and continues making her cookies.

Once they’re in the oven she heads to the bathroom. She picks up some “special” lipstick and applies a deep coat of it on her lips. She looks into the mirror with intent and says to herself, “Yes Tres Leches Cake coming up!” She smacks her lips and then walks out of the bathroom.

Some time has gone by and you’re already at Katelyn’s house, POV sitting in a chair and finishing one of her freshly baked cookies. She pulls out some of the ingredients for Tres Leches, but then with a seductive look she says “You know what, I think it’s time for that FAVOR of mine...why don’t you head into my bedroom...I’ll be there shortly...oh and can you please be a darling and take off your shoes and all of your clothes? I wouldn’t want to get any of that dirty baby.” You know what type of FAVOR is about to happen.

This is your lucky day! Not only are you getting a Tres Leches cake made just for you, but it appears that you’re also going to get laid in the process! The POV view is on the bed where the pillows are. Katelyn comes in and chats a little and deeply seduces you, talking about how delicious you look, that you are just what she needs. She kisses and licks you all over while secretly applying the paralyzing toxin on your body via her lip gloss, one that she herself is immune to. You get a wet dream blow job, rode cowboy style with gentle, slow, deep, heavy thrusts, moaning and every now and then. Her massive boobs are right in your face while she fucks you and you eventually explode deep into her pussy while she orgasms.

Now as you catch your breath you notice that you’re having difficulty moving. Katelyn asks, “What’s wrong baby, can’t move...was I that good for you?” and explains what’s going on. The Tres Leches Cake requires milk that actually comes from the nutritional milk reserves in her own boobs, and that the milk tastes the best after she digests a man whole and alive. She’s going to swallow you whole and there’s nothing you can do about it. Her body will process some of you into her breast milk. After her belly is done churning you up into gut butter, you will be a part of the next batch of Tres Leches cakes for the community! After all that explanation she has an evil laugh and takes a few more licks of you in preparation to swallow you down. Her mouth approaches your face and you start going into it, hearing loud slurping sounds and gulping noises as you black out.

Now her stomach is pulsing and contracting, containing your struggling body within it. Occasionally she burps and moans in joy as she feels you turning into mush inside of her. Despite your struggling there is nothing that you can do but digest. She talks to you and teases about how impatient you were for her Tres Leches, and now you’re going to be in the next batch, and nobody will ever know. Eventually she grows tired from all the baking, fucking, and her full belly is putting her into a food coma. She dozes off to sleep as her stomach stops pulsing (signifying the guy is unable to struggle anymore). (Belly digestion noises are heard throughout this scene)

Some considerable time has gone by as she awakens from her slumber. She comments about you being completely digested and absorbed into her body. She taste tests her own breast milk several taste delicious... and then she stops to make sure she leaves the rest for her next batch of Tres Leches!

Some more time has passed and Katelyn is now live streaming in the kitchen to the community that she’s making her Tres Leches cake milk and to join her again soon to see how good the finished cake turns out. More time passes and she starts live streaming again from her table with the large piece of Tres Leches directly in front of her massive cleavage. She begins to consume it to get her customers excited about how good it turned out. While eating the cake she talks more about how good the milk is and that it is one of her best cakes ever! Some of the best Tres Leches cake is “made with love”. Everyone is so excited so she tells them to give her an hour to box up the slices and they can come over to buy it!

Features: big boobs that keep slipping out of a tiny apron while baking cookies and more, bending over and walking in thong, pov going down on you + sex + kissing and licking your body before vore, long segment talking to you inside belly with movement and digestion sounds, live stream while cooking milk and eating cake made of breastmilk that you turned into and audience is unaware of and will be buying some of.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
38:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, apron, cleavage, boobs, breastmilk, belly, thong, butt, seduced, pov sex, unexpecting, victim, favor, cookies, cake, milk, tres leches, mouth, licking, fetish video, red manicure, lactating tits, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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