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Insane Crush Video

This is an insane crush video! Katelyn gives her man a horny call while slipping into her new sneakers. Reminiscing about the wild sex they had in the gym locker room while other men jerked off to the action like it was a live porn makes her panties wet. They'll be begging to watch them fuck again for sure. Before heading out to meet him at the gym today she's got something else on her mind as well.

To her surprise her ex's mom sent his favorite childhood toys to her house with a heart felt note. Katelyn finds it hilarious that he didn't tell his mom she dumped his ass yet- it's been months! So, she brings the toys outside, crushes one, and facetimes her ex while she crushes the rest in a tormenting, humiliating, mocking, cruel, bitch-mode way.

Afterwards she sits in the middle of the crushed pieces all horny and calls her new man back to rush over and fuck her. Her ex will be in for it once again when she calls him back in the middle of fucking her new man atop the remains of her ex's sentimental childhood toys.

Features: dressed in a full Nike outfit, horny phone call with man, being a bitch to ex on facetime while crushing his very much wanted valuable vintage toys to pieces


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:13 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sneakers, crush, destruction, nike, metcon, cruel, vintage, toys, ex, girlfriend, facetime, phone, humiliation, sports bra, capris, horny, Katelyn Brooks

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