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360 VR - Obeying my Big Little Sister by Cumming for Her Feet

Mom and dad just left for vacation minutes ago and your bratty sister is already towering over your incredibly small stature and venting. "I've been waiting for this day!" "The only reason you get all of the attention is because you're six inches tall". "How does it feel to be so small?" "I must be like a God to you!" Are some of the things she says while dropping her robe and bringing her big bare feet up close to you. She revels in lording over you while you're alone together.

"As a God, you must do what I say" she exclaims while commanding that you get naked. "I want to see your little cock!" She makes fun that you will never be able to date and that you're helpless without her. Next thing you know is she's asking if you've ever fantasized about her because she's fantasized about using you as a vibrator. She brings you up against her pussy and boobs for a moment and puts you back on the floor.

"We're going to finish off, but in a different way." "Don't think I haven't noticed you checking out my and Mom's feet" She enslaves you as her foot slave and the first thing you're going to do is cum for her feet. She rubs her pussy while counting you down and getting excited about the ways she'll have fun with you this weekend. In her sneakers at the gym, squished under her toe in her sandal, in her sock against her bare sole as she sleeps... etc. Who knows how out of control this may get with mom and dad out for the whole weekend. You can clearly see how horny she to use you as her little play thing with no boundaries...

Features: 360 VR, taboo sibling scenario, pink lace lingerie, light pink pedicure, bare feet / soles, masturbation, cum countdown, enslaved, foot slave

Note: The name David is used for the brother.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:32 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 vr, pov, bratty, sister, brother, siblings, soles, bare feet, masturbation, pussy, cleavage, pink, panties, bra, bossy, foot fetish, goddess, femdom, giantess fetish, 360vr, vr360, katelyn brooks

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