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Pushing Burps out of your Stuffed Girlfriend by Fucking Her

You loved watching your gorgeous girlfriend Katelyn feast upon all of the Chinese food that her big, bloated, bulging belly is now bursting with from atop her unbuttoned jeans. The food was so delicious that she can't help but savor a few more forkfuls all of which she can only stuff inside by releasing quite a number of hearty belches each time to make room for more food instead of gas. This is what makes dining at home sooo lovely... how incredibly comfortable she makes herself while stuffing herself to the max is quite the turn on for you... and her.

Now that she's stuffed full she asks you to fill her up in a different way and takes you to the bedroom. Sliding your cock into her pussy pushes up a hearty burp up out of her... you love it and want to hear more! Getting to hear more is even easier than you think as Katelyn finds it difficult to ride you without burping. Well, that's even hotter!

Almost every thrust pushes out another burp. You're absolutely bulging inside of her and she mentions how she feels so full everywhere... her belly, your cock inside of her... it's all so tight... she feels so full all over! You can't hold back any longer, you just go for it, her burps match your speed as you fuck her faster and fill her pussy up with your cum. (Implied) Since you didn't last long enough for her to cum too she'll be after you again before long.

Features: stuffed full dialogue, eating a few forkfuls of Chinese food, big bloated belly, cleavage, pov cowgirl sex... all with hearty burping throughout


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:12 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping, burps, stuffing fetish, eating, big belly, bloated, cleavage, pov sex, food, kitchen, bedroom, white manicure, stomach, Katelyn Brooks

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