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Welcoming Jamie to his New Home inside of My Milky Labyrinth

Incase you didn't hear the latest update about this Shrinkrona thing that you caught... guys like you end up the size of a germ. You continually dwindling away is probably the best thing to ever happen to you though, isn't it? Especially considering the fact that the combination of catching it and having a stimulus check to send Katelyn Brooks has gotten you a one way ticket to getting lodged up into her big milky breasts. Imagine that. All of the food you could possibly eat, your forever home, all for a measly stimulus check!

Honestly, it's better that your stimulus check goes to a new mother like her rather than to some doomed speck anyway. You probably never even touched a woman's breasts before, have you? And now you're surrounded by tit heaven. Atop her glass table getting bulldozed by her big boobs (which feels great to you), shot at with warm delicious milk, playfully caressed into her big nipple. You'll soon be small enough to get pressed through her nipple and for your permanent relocation. There will be no going back to life as you once knew it or even to the outside world.

It's known that retrieval is sometimes possible with a boring homebody who barely moves-- however, that's not the case with Katelyn. She's in a passionate marriage. They go dancing, fuck, live every day to the fullest. She works out, has a lot of energy, and is very playful. When the mood strikes she even likes to drink from her own teat, which keeps her milk production going, so actually there's no guarantee that you won't get slurped out and swallowed down into her stomach. Most likely, though, you will be living deep within her tit for the rest of your life. So, if another thought otherwise ever crosses your mind then dismiss it.

Now that you've shrunk down even smaller she pushes you inside and stands up. As a welcome to your new home she dances for a moment... making her tits sway, bounce, jiggle. Expect it to be one earthquake in there after even if she's not fucking with you. You won't get a break until she's asleep for her beauty rest. Now she's off to have a wonderful night with your stimulus check!

Note: The name Jamie is used in this video. If the under the table shot is hard to hear then turn the volume up. (Sorry, I should of had the mic above the table)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
breast milk, nipples, boobs, tits, going inside boob, micro, shrunken man, pov, close up, glass table, playful, giantess fetish, Katelyn Brooks

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