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If You Lose Your Load then I'll Swallow You Whole

Giantess Katelyn has four shrunken men, each bound to the top of a white stick in front of her. The game she will make them play hasn't even begun yet, but they are already begging for their lives because of what they've seen her do. None of the other men have survived in the last few months of her being able to shrink men down and now they know they're next.

In comes her mouth. A single strand of saliva connects all four men, cluing them in to their most certain fate of getting eaten. Or should I say- SWALLOWED WHOLE. If there's any hope for survival it will be, as she says, to NOT CUM which will earn them a short extension of life as they know it.

The most confident of men is the first to lose his load. The others have no choice but to helplessly WATCH him inside of her mouth and HEAR him get GULPED DOWN. Her finger traces the length of her neck, past her big boobs, down to her nice soft belly as she describes his path into the depths of her stomach.

Despite how much of a scene you could imagine that this is for them, they still have boners from the sight of her huge breasts which are visible through her fishnet top. So, who's going to end up blowing their load and getting swallowed next? Her nice pink tongue licks their little bodies. She singles one out and gently sucks on the stick. The inside of her warm wet mouth feels so good that it lands him inside of her stomach as well from cumming.

The man on the next stick she selects is quite terrified from seeing how she mocked the first shrunken man inside of her stomach with the second one pressed against her stomach before gulping him down too. He only has a half boner from his fear, but that's soon to turn into a full boner and the biggest load of them all after some very gentle kisses and licks on his fragile form. She can be a bit careless with her size compared to them and gets him feeling REALLY fucking good. The most pleasurable for her was thoroughly enjoying mocking him before he blew "Please stop, it feels too good, oh fuck oh fuck" (Etc. etc.)

Now, the last shrunken man is quite interesting. He already came despite what he witnessed. In fact, it seems as tho he actually enjoyed watching what she did to everyone. This doesn't seduce Katelyn though. Oh no. She shines a flashlight on her uvula to show him what the others slid past. He blows a second load after sliding past it himself.

Any hope they have of making their way out of her stomach is about to get buried in her dinner.

Features: 100% third person pov, sexually playful sadistic personality, mouth play with shrunken men bound to sticks (kissing, licking, sucking, light saliva, extending tongue), boob bouncing, tracing path after getting swallowed, all of them are swallowed whole, mocking shrunken men inside stomach, exposed belly.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:16 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
swallowed whole, vore, big boobs, belly, kissing, licking, mocking, shrunken men, tied up, bound, trapped, helpless, sadistic, game, try not to cum, bondage, tongue, uvula, fetish video, fishnet top, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn


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  1. JayToms's Avatar
    I doubt anyone would survive this encounter. I remember seeing this video the first time and i lost it like the first victim. highly recommended!

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