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First One to Shrink and Mail Himself to Me

A surprise package has arrived the whole way from Montreal. What could it be?! Katelyn excitedly opens it and first sees a letter. She reads it to discover that her biggest dream has come true- you (name used is Oliver) have found a way to shrink yourself and are inside of the box! You want to fulfil your biggest fetishes. The one of being tiny and in between Katelyn's boobs and the one of being swallowed whole and living inside her stomach.

You already have a boner as she brings you up to her beautiful face and to her plump cleavage and around her sexy body. She gives you a first kiss, and some more, and then brings you to her bedroom for more privacy and fun. A little pit stop at the kitchen along the way to show you what she was snacking on earlier. Mini gummy bears! One of her favs- she swallows one whole, shows you where it went and brings more along.

It's surreal being in Katelyn's bedroom. You've seen it so many times while fapping to her videos and now you're getting your fantasies fulfilled by her in person! Off comes her bra in such a teasing way... her heaving tits release down gently onto your little tiny body. Ohhh! You are so tiny compared to her nipple- it alone could devour you!

Hopefully you shared your shrinking secret with more fans so they can send themselves to her too. Now from in between her soft fingers you see another gummy bear as her tongue laps both him and you round and round. So sweet, salty, and delicious. Her tits sway left and right in excitement that you'll soon be traveling down just like the gummy bear that's now in her throat, WHOLE!

After admiring your little handsome body, telling you what's in her belly that you'll be joining, and sexily teasing with you some more with her juicy mouth, big boobs, soft belly, swallowing another gummy, etc, the moment you've been waiting your entire life for has come. To get swallowed down whole!

She asks if you'll do her a favor? She wants to feel you for as LONG as POSSIBLE, so try to slow yourself down when you slide into her stomach! She'll presumably be able to feel your journey down for much longer since you're ALIVE!!! You DO that and she can feel you inside of her body so well that her panties get soaked from her arousal!

Her hand slips down into her panties... unable to resist pleasuring herself... her fingers circle around her wet pussy and excited clit. With how good this is for her she's quick to have quite an AMAZING orgasm. She came to feeling your movements inside of her stomach, fantasizing about you living in there for a while, floating on the next several meals she sends down, as well as her STRONG desire to swallow more shrunken vore fans to live in there with you!

A few days pass and you're still alive inside of Katelyn's stomach. Your movements woke her up early. Her pre-workout snack is coming... you're already used to food plopping down on top of you. She really wonders how long you'll be alive in there if you've made it three days and are still as lively as the first in there!

Features: POV (Entire video except short intro and after being swallowed. No shrunken man prop used.), three mini gummy bears whole, pink lingerie, topless, boob held, tit tease/play, nipple close ups, kisses, close to mouth and lips, masturbation scene with you inside stomach, still alive in my stomach after three days and counting, talking about food inside stomach and wanting to swallow more shrunken men, exposed belly shot to end with sending breakfast down to you!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
38:41 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, cleavage, vore, close up, mouth, glossy lips, topless, boobs, belly, gummy bears, masturbation, orgasm, moaning, eating, food, handheld, lingerie, bra, panties, pink manicure, kitchen, bedroom, package, tease, tongue, uvula, nipples, giantess katelyn


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  1. tiny dude's Avatar
    tiny dude
    it was an amazing very long video!! took me a little while to watch all of it cause.. well, I didn't last long enough, it was too good xD! So many hot POV through the whole video, I really enjoyed it ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/happy.png

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