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Watching Katelyn Eat and Masturbate before the Party

When you arrive to Katelyn's private party she's still in her daytime makeup and clothes and none of the other guests have arrived yet. "So, I finally get to meet the guy who likes to watch me eat." You blush as she shows her mouth and teeth before excusing herself to change into something more appropriate.

Upon her speedy return she sets the table with a meal she's prepared. Whilst doing so, two animal crackers get crushed into the tiled floor underneath her high heel shoes. It doesn't even make her flinch, and she doesn't even look down or acknowledge it, as she's so used to feeling things CRUSH beneath her.

In front of her sits a delicious stir fry, a small side salad and animal crackers. It's all just for her and you're really going to enjoy watching her eat in person. She gives you a really good show with a variation of eating-fetish tease: mouth closed and swallowing without showing you, taking normal bites, big bites, multiple fork-fulls at once, eating one 'dish' at a time, mixing them, chewing normally, chewing fast, sitting normally, leaning in closer to you, etc etc!

Seeing the chewed up food in her open mouth in different stages of mastication got you really excited, and her as well. With a handful of animal crackers in her hand you follow her to her bedroom where she gets out her tits and starts masturbating. She teasingly licks animal crackers off her tits and pulls her panties to the side. Her finger swirls her pussy lips bringing her up to climax. Next she invites you to join her for a drink while she preps for the rest of the party.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
35:36 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
eating fetish, chewed up food, mouth, teeth, tongue, cleavage, food crush, masturbation, pussy, tits, animal crackers, salad, stir fry, high heel sandals, food, pink manicure, floor level, close up, pov, Katelyn Brooks

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