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The Last Tiny to get Swallowed

Katelyn's in bed, wearing lingerie and just waking up from a good night's sleep. After rolling around a little, she finally lets out a yawn and gets up with a nice stretch, then she places her hand on her belly and decides that it's time for breakfast. She walks towards the door (booming footsteps), nearly crushing a fugitive tiny on the floor with her naked feet. Just as she's about to leave the room, she places her hand on her belly again and remembers that she still should have some shrunken people left. She heads back to the nightstand and looks down, licking her lips in anticipation of some tiny morsels to start her day.

Slightly disappointed, she notices that only one tiny is left. She muses that she must have swallowed the others with that glass of wine yesterday evening. She indulges in the memory as it comes back to her, describing how she casually devoured the pitiful shrunken people one by one and how they squirmed all the way down, but they didn't stand a chance against her powerful digestive system. Speaking of digestion, she taunts you a bit by mentioning how your friends are now nothing more than a bit of fat on her boobs and butt. Then she dismisses the pleasant memory and says that she'll have you to start the day.

Without further ado, she lifts you up to your eager mouth and drops you inside (camera looking out of mouth) only playing around with you a little before swallowing you with a wet gulp and tracing your decent down her throat to her belly. You slide down with such speed and ease. As you float around in her morning stomach acid, you observe her insides. You look up and see the bottom of her esophagus that you just traveled down and fell out of. It's way up there. There's no getting out. Not that you even want to. You look down and to your right and see two of your friend's remains stuck to the walls of her stomach. She asks you how it feels to be getting digested alive and you lose consciousness. That's it for you.

Katelyn gives her belly a pat and seals your fate with a content, wet burp. She turns around and her thong-clad ass happily jiggles as she walks out of her bedroom to get her actual breakfast. And of course, she inadvertently crushes the fugitive tiny (booming footsteps) on the way out.

This video has extra special features that I spent a considerable amount of time working on. They turned out awesome and are as follows:

♥ Booming footsteps during fugitive tiny scene (enjoy with headphones/speakers that'll allow you to hear the bass. You won't be able to hear it very well on a laptop or cell phone speaker) Enjoy several angle change during this part as well.

♥ Inside stomach animation -- the view is your pov floating in my stomach acid. You look up, down, and around the inside of my stomach and see two of your friend's remains stuck to my stomach walls. Audio effects included in this part too - hear my voice from the inside + heartbeat + digestion sounds. (enjoy in a dim/dark space with headphone's that'll allow you to hear the bass)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:19 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, pov, looking outside of mouth, inside stomach animation, belly, unaware crush, booming footsteps, cleavage, ass, gulp, digestion sounds, fx, collage, remains, stomach acid, swimming, looking around, lingerie, bedroom, white manicure, giantess fetish


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  1. Joey's Avatar
    This is a throw back to Katelyn's classic videos. It's shorter and more to the point. If you want vore this video really delivers. The stomach effects are a nice touch, but I wish the audio wasn't as dampened in the stomach shots. There are a lot of nice touches, there's also a casual foot crush in the video. But I think Katelyn's acting is just very on point for this one and it works really well.
  2. JayToms's Avatar
    I love the short and straight to the point videos. You pretty much get everything you need in this video, vore, foot fetish, boobs and Katelyn!! I really love the sound effects, especially during the close-up vore part! Definitely worth the purchase

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