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Swallowed by your Biggest Crush

It was earlier today in the school hallway that you (Brenden) finally mustered up the courage to divulge your crush to Katelyn. To your wildest dream, both of your feelings and fetishes are mutual. Instead of the typical dating, she wanted to get right to "it", so she shank you down.

Later that day she walks into her living room expecting to find you on the couch where she left you. However, you've already made a partial run for it since the world seems quite a bit terrifying now that you're shrunken. Your fear fades when you see your dream-girl from your new size.

She scoops you up from the floor. You reminisce over crushing on each other at school. She's been on to how you were checking her out. She's been spying on you too and knows that you wish you were shrunken, mixed in with her school lunches as she'd send them down inside of her. Well, now your biggest dream is going to ultimately come true and in quite a fun way too...

A minute passes by of playing hide and seek. You make yourself pretty easy to find since you'd like to live out your fantasy with your dream girl. She joking bites at you, but she'd never ruin the pleasure that swallowing you whole will bring to her.

After showing you where you're going she lowers you into her mouth and your journey to her growling stomach begins. You grab on to her esophagus though, trying to slow down your one way ride to your final destination. She catches on that you must be scared to splash down into her stomach acids. So, in the snap of her fingers, she uses her powers to make you last for a few days in there instead of a few hours.

You release your grasp, and slide down... down... down... with her teasing you all along the way. Gulps of saliva. Tracing your path. Laying back so you slow down. Sitting up and bouncing you deeper. How. Fucking. Hot. You're INSIDE OF HER, endlessly aroused to her playfulness. What a dream babe......

She could relax on her couch for hours enjoying feeling everything you do inside of her stomach. She has a beach date with her girlfriends to get to though, so she'll just continue to do it there, and tell them all about it. Oh yeah... they're in on it too. Kinda explains all of the missing boys from school, doesn't it?!

Features: lots of digestive noises throughout, deep giantess voice sound effect during your pov, a fair amount of focus on belly shots, decently long scene talking to you inside of me as you begin your journey from my esophagus down to my stomach.

The name Brenden is used in this video FYI.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
digestion sounds, pov, belly, vore, topless, hide and seek, school crush, mouth, handheld, floor view, hiding, short shorts, belly shirt, cleavage, fetish video, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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