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Alien Giga-Giantess Eats Planet Earth

Giga-sized alien Katelyn Brooks plucks Earth from outer space and brings it into her dimension to savor as an exotic delicacy. As for its population... she knows about you and doesn't care about your lives. In fact, Katelyn recently discovered that she's into power play and would like to explore that some more with your entire planet for as long as it lasts against her larger-than-life mouth.

She can only make out the planet's largest cities under a magnifying glass. They're smaller than the tip of her fingernail. Thinking about how populated they must be makes her panties wet. The tip of her tongue alone flattens a few of them. She plays with the planet in a very teasing and careless manner as millions are licked up by her titanic tongue.

The still intact Earth enters her mouth. It rolls around on her titanic tongue, drenched in her saliva, and no one sees the light of day ever again after she closes her massive maw. She chews the planet up and gulps it down. The only trace left is her dirty tongue. Billions digest inside of her stomach, but because of her size she's still hungry for more...

Features: One hell of an amazing planet prop, alien giga-giantess, micro, lots of licking, voice effect during pov, belly shot with under-boob and nipples poking out to end.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:40 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
giga giantess, planet, vore, power play, camera licking, pov, belly, micro, earth, tongue, mouth, giantess fetish, under boob, nipples, lips, eyes, close up, fingers, handheld, magnifying glass, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Sean's Avatar
    The microscopic beings of Earth looked up in awe at the gargantuan chin of Giga-Giantess Katelyn Brooks. Her beauty and dominion over their fate was undeniable. They began to chant and profess their love for Her which She heard as complete silence. They eagerly awaited their chance to please their Goddess.

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