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Seduced and Absorbed into a Witch's Colon

Katelyn seduces you with a very sexy booty tease which makes you want to get closer to her ass so badly. She mentions that she wants you fall under her spell because it will transport you into a figure of a miniature man that she get out from being tucked in her bra. You find enjoyment in watching her dip him between the valley of her cleavage and ass, imagining that you were in his place, and then she tells you to get under her chair.

Her ass comes down and bulldozes the miniature man on the clear chair above you... it's truly the lap dance of his life since he's incredibly durable. No limbs broken, just pure pleasure. This makes it even more enticing to want to be him in order to get that deep into her ass crack. She moves the chair aside and brings her beautiful butt down close to your face and back up. The teasing makes you lose control and fall under her spell.

Her moves worked and now look at you. You've been transported into the miniature figure and it feels great to be so close to her. As you regain consciousness you find yourself held in between her fingers getting kissed. Within a minute you end up where you dreamed. In between her ass cheeks. On her bare asshole. Then... shoved up into her hot smelly colon.

She tells you to wave goodbye to your life. Fantasize everyone you know is there and it's your last goodbye because even though she could transport you back she's not going to. The very last view of life as you know it is her massive finger pushing you deeper and deeper into her colon. As much as you couldn't resist getting closer to her, she can't resist absorbing you with her colon which will make her powers even stronger.

Features: a little bit of slow motion during some of the pov, big sexy booty tease, busty cleavage, view from under clear chair, semi-sheer blue panties, shrunken man, anal insertion, absorbed by colon dialogue, voice sound effect during body transportation into miniature man, asshole fingering.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:29 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
blue panties, witch, seduction, booty, anal insertion, clear chair, shrunken man, pov, close up, cleavage, purple bra, absorption, fingered into, ass, in the crack, long hair, slow motion, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess Katelyn

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