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360 VR - Shrunken in Beth Bennett's Bowl of Cheerios

On your birthday you awaken as a shrunken man in your playful blonde girlfriend Beth's palm. What a surprise! She's hungry for breakfast and guess what she's having? Cheerios! She puts you in her bowl of cheerios and milk and roleplays one of your biggest fantasies from HISTK by pretending to nearly spoon you up into her big sexy mouth and holding you up close as she eats and teases you.

At one point you say the safe word... it's scarier than you ever thought. So she takes a break and gives you a very sexy strip tease, bring you close up to her nipples, pussy, and then back in the cereal bowl you go for a few more spoonful's of soft Vore roleplay! What a wonderful way to start your special day!

Features: 360 VR, playful blonde, gfe, cheerios, eating, strip tease, full nude, nipples, pussy, soft vore roleplay (you don't actually get eaten).

Special thank you to GiantessProductions for shooting this with Beth for me!


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Product Details:
14:40 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Beth Bennett, 360 VR, cheerios, strip tease, big boobs, nipples, pussy, full nude, bowl, eating, spoon, blonde, vr360, roleplay

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