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Vore Session Story Time

Whilst Giantess Katelyn awaits a Vore Fetish fan's arrival to his session with her, she talks down to her still-living prey who's wriggling within the confines of her expanded stomach. She shrank him and swallowed him whole as a result of him losing a wrestling match against her -as she warned him- but, he probably didn't know she was serious or that it could actually happen. The doorbell rings...

Now it's time for your one on one sexy story time with Katelyn. She divulges the details of exactly what happened to the wrestling fan before your arrival - showing you some of the positions she was in with him, telling you some of the vore-iffic things she said to him. "I can't wait to see what you feel like in my belly since you're into wrestling. It's going to feel good as you squirm around all helpless and hopeless, unable to get yourself free from my insides. You think being pinned down is bad? You just wait..." for example.

Now Katelyn wants to get even more personal and have some one on one fun with YOU! Yours truly towers above you and straddles you. "What is it that you like about the vore fetish?" She asks. You love hearing about the prey within her, so she continues...

He should be alive in her stomach for a very long stay thanks to Katelyn's new shrinking tech which protects him from getting digested. However, he was her first test subject, so this is of course as long as the safety feature works. Her prey lasting a LONG time is something you're very much into and would love hearing more about. She goes into more of the juicy details as she pokes him and jiggles him around inside of her stomach. What a hot fucking view under her big bulging belly and a hot fucking time with the one and only!

As much as you love seeing it before your eyes and hearing it you're not quite ready for it to happen to you. Maybe someday! Perhaps, perhaps, after you get back from going out to dinner with Katelyn and think about it some more. And if the guy in her stomach remains alive then you just might want to go through with it yourself some day!

Features: vore story, wrestling fetish dialogue and poses, straddling (getting sat on), pov, big expanded belly, cleavage, private session scenario.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:15 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore fetish, straddling, wrestling fetish, big belly, cleavage, story, under belly, between legs, talking to belly, session, confined, sports bra, long hair, white manicure, flash, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess Katelyn

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