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Crushing My Soon to Be Ex's Christmas Miniatures

Katelyn's boyfriend has gone beyond her limit of forgiveness for really disappointing her -once again- on Christmas. How so? He got her some really thoughtless gifts despite the fact she told him exactly what she wanted and that he could have afforded. Now it's the day after Christmas she finds a new gift from him to her by the tree. Could this be him trying to make up to her? Could it be an attempt to try to save their relationship? It sure is- she unwarps the gift and it's the Nike's she told him about. That won't save their relationship, though. She still plans on breaking up with him. So, she puts them on and that's when the fun begins. Time to let out some heat!

First she plucks some ornaments off the tree, drops them on the floor, and crushes them underneath her new kicks while venting about him. Fuck those ugly ornaments of his! After that she moves on to crushing some of his miniature houses and toy trains that he loves so much. Yep... she thoroughly destroys his things by the tree despite the fact he got her the sneakers and she could not care less about how he reacts since the relationship is over to her anyway. In fact, she really wishes she could shrink him to the size of a toy and crush him. What a breakup that would be!!

But that's not all. Destroying his things turned her on, so to top it off she grabs a candy cane and fucks herself with it in the mess! Yep, and she's just going to blame the mess on his dog.

Features: Nike sneakers, crushing ornaments + miniature toy trains & houses, masturbation with plastic candy cane, pissed off girlfriend, giantess fetish dialogue wishing boyfriend could be shrunken down in order to crush him like a toy.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:12 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
crush, sneakers, bitch, stomp, loser boyfriend, humiliation, ornaments, houses, train, miniatures, miniature, toys, toy, floor view, destroy, masturbation, pussy, calves, lower legs, stomping, stepping, holiday, christmas, gfe, girlfriend, boyfriend, feti

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